The Biden administration could break immigration bill into pieces

Immigration as a priority for the Biden administration

Immigration has always been a relevant topic among the local population since the US is the destination of thousands of immigrants annually, who yearn to build a promising future, protect their beloved ones, gain work experience, study and find economic stability.

The US administration tends to transform the immigration system depending on its ideals, goals, and proposals. For instance, for the current president, Joe Biden, who took office recently (January 20), immigration is a key piece of his political campaign since, in his opinion, the country is an immigrant nation and the immigration sector urgently needs reform, from humanitarian programs such as political asylum to programs for foreign workers or family members of American citizens.

Adding to that, President Biden states that the Trump administration tremendously affected thousands of immigrant families with restrictive policies and limitations on legal processes. Therefore, since he took office, the current president of the US has used every tool at his disposal to improve the immigration system in line with his ideals.

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Biden proposes comprehensive reform through an immigration bill

One of the priorities for the Biden administration is restructuring the immigration system. To achieve this goal, the president proposed an immigration bill that would lead to comprehensive reform.

Some of Biden’s proposals on the immigration bill are:

  1. Offer a path to citizenship for eligible undocumented immigrants.
  2. Remove policies that increase the separation of immigrant families at the borders.
  3. Provide funds to expand inclusion and integration programs for asylum seekers, refugees, and other immigrant populations.
  4. Improve the business immigration system to protect foreign workers and local companies.
  5. Increase protection and surveillance at the borders through technology and infrastructure.
  6. Reduce illegal immigration from root causes.
  7. Increase benefits for vulnerable communities such as asylum seekers and refugees.

It is important to clarify that the last time the US completely reformed its immigration system was in the 80s, which would change the course of immigration during the 21st century.

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The Biden administration could break immigration bill into pieces

Since reforming the immigration system is a priority for President Biden, several sources close to the White House state that his administration is willing to break the immigration bill and present the proposals in smaller packages as long as there is some kind of progress, which is the ideal.

They state that the White House approach to immigration reform “It’s not an all-or-nothing,” but instead, the Biden administration could be more flexible and break the immigration bill into pieces.

Immigrant communities are hoping for a drastic change under the Biden administration, but are still skeptical since the immigration bill still needs approval from Congress.

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