The Biden government's immigration reform

The Biden government’s view on immigration

President Joe Biden, who was elected by the American population in November 2020, took office yesterday, January 20, 2021. Apart from the health emergency, the health system and the economy, one of the most relevant issues for the new government is immigration.

In fact, the Biden administration states that “our immigration system is under greater stress as a direct result of Trump’s misguided policies” and, therefore, plans to lift current restrictions in order to restructure and reform the entire immigration system.

During his political campaign, the president-elect promised to improve and expand alternatives for foreigners to come to the US. With this, the new government intends to transform most immigration processes, from humanitarian programs for the most vulnerable immigrant communities such as political asylum and refuge, to options for highly qualified foreign workers in areas such as technology, science and research.

Thus, for the next four years, citizens who elected Joe Biden as the 46th president of the US expect him to deliver on his immigration promises, reverse current restrictive policies, reinstate the country’s values ​​as a nation of immigrants, and protect human rights over a political ideal.

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The Biden government’s immigration reform

One of the Biden administration’s main proposals is an immigration bill. The president-elect awaits approval from Congress to restructure the entire immigration system and prevent future administrations from restricting immigration as it happened during the Donald Trump administration.

This would be the first comprehensive immigration reform since the 1980s. Therefore, it would almost completely change the federal government’s approach to immigration.

Let’s look at some of Biden’s proposals to improve the immigration system through a comprehensive reform:

1. Pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

There are currently approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US. The Biden government wants to offer them the opportunity to apply for temporary legal status with the possibility of requesting legal permanent residence (Green Card) in the future if they meet certain mandatory requirements such as paying annual taxes and not having criminal records or pending legal charges.

Adding to that, the Biden administration plans to change the word “alien” to “noncitizens” in immigration laws to avoid discrimination and social division.

2. End family separation

The Trump administration went through a gigantic legal controversy for separating immigrant minors from their parents under the “zero tolerance policy,” which states that adults who cross borders without legal documentation are violating processes established by the local immigration system and should face criminal prosecution.

The Biden administration plans to restructure the family immigration system to avoid the separation of immigrant families and to protect the development of minors who arrive at the US’ borders.

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3. Improve the business immigration system

The president-elect states that foreign workforce is essential, even more so now during times of crisis. Therefore, he proposes to lift the Trump administration’s restrictions on business immigration, reduce waiting times, grant benefits to family members of H-1B visa holders (highly qualified foreign workers), reuse available visas, increase wages for foreign workers, avoid labor exploitation, inter alia.

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