The Biden government to present an immigration bill

The incoming government’s immigration proposals

President-elect Joe Biden is just a couple of days away from taking office on January 20, 2021. During the election period, when candidates presented their political campaigns to the American population, the Democratic nominee mentioned multiple issues relevant to his team. For instance:

  • The global Coronavirus pandemic and the health system.
  • The economy and the current unemployment rate.
  • Climate change.
  • International cooperation.
  • Science and technology.
  • Immigration.

Speaking specifically about immigration, the Biden administration has multiple action plans to improve the current immigration system, remove policies that put the integrity of vulnerable communities at risk, lift Trump’s restrictions on employment-based visa programs, reform the US’ detention and deportation infrastructure, inter alia.

Due to his opinion regarding immigration and his desire to help immigrant communities, the president-elect has the attention of immigrant rights advocates, activist groups, local companies that benefit from foreign workforce, immigration attorneys, educational institutions such as colleges and universities, and critics.

In fact, they plan to do ongoing follow up to make sure the Biden administration delivers on its immigration promises and revokes Trump’s restrictive policies, which, in their opinion, violate human rights and contradict the US Constitution.

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The Biden government to present an immigration bill

Initially, the president-elect mentioned his ideals, in rather general terms, regarding some of the most important sectors of our society, including those mentioned above. However, with Inauguration Day (January 20) approaching, his team is sharing details about Biden’s specific action plans.

On Saturday, January 16, the Biden administration’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, laid out some of the president-elect’s plans for the first day, or days, in office.

Within those plans, Klain states that Biden’s team has an immigration bill ready to send to Congress for approval. Also, during the first two weeks in office, the president-elect will use executive actions to:

  • Lift Trump’s travel ban.
  • Halt deportations for 100 days to restructure the detention and immigration enforcement system within the US.
  • End contracts with private prison companies to detain undocumented immigrants and implement other methods to monitor them remotely.
  • Remove Trump’s restrictions on business immigration and expand alternatives available to highly skilled foreign workers in areas such as science, technology, and research, which are essential in times of crisis.
  • Implement more humane policies for asylum seekers currently waiting in Mexico under the MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols) policy.

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