Biden plans to freeze deportations for 100 days

Democratic nominee won the presidential election

After a long and arduous day of presidential elections in the US, the vote count revealed that Joe Biden, belonging to the Democratic political party, took the victory and will be the 46th president of the country as of January 2021.

These elections were quite exceptional, not only because of the global Coronavirus pandemic and the crisis the US currently is going through, but because the two presidential candidates differ almost completely on multiple issues.

For instance, President Donald Trump, who was seeking reelection, has a more conservative stance, vision and strategy compared to Biden, who plans to reduce social division and discrimination through multicultural inclusion and immigration.

Biden’s strategy regarding immigration

Speaking specifically about the immigration sector, the two presidential candidates have a diametrically opposite stance regarding the local immigration system and the impact of immigration in the country.

Biden is very supportive of immigration, stating that it is part of the American culture. In fact, he plans to offer a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently residing in the US, arguing that immigration is “part of the strength of the country, it is not a weakness, it is a strength.”

Conversely, President Trump has focused heavily on reducing immigration, both legal and illegal, for the past four years. His government implemented more than 400 changes in the local immigration system, which range from humanitarian programs such as political asylum to business immigration.

Therefore, since the American population chose Biden as the next leader of the nation and he has a different stance on immigration, he will initially focus on revoking, reversing or lifting Trump’s immigration policies, which, in his opinion, harm the country and instill fear among immigrant communities.

Biden plans to freeze deportations for 100 days

One of the most important issues regarding the immigration sector are deportations, which have increased disproportionately during the term of President Trump, mainly after the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), with government approval, conducts operations around the US to detain undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes, have pending legal charges or deportation proceedings.

However, these operations have increased substantially under the Trump administration, which expedited deportation processes for undocumented immigrants, saturating and overcrowding immigration detention centers.

Therefore, Joe Biden plans to freeze deportations for 100 days after taking office, while his administration decides how to proceed with ICE operations and how the detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants will work.

According to Biden, during these 100 days, only undocumented immigrants who have committed a felony might be deported.

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