Foreign students fear losing their legal status due to backlog of immigration cases

Foreign students fear losing their legal status due to backlog of immigration cases

Current delays in immigration processes and the backlog of pending cases, which must be reviewed the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services), are affecting international students, who fear losing their legal immigration status or job opportunities for not receiving a response to their applications on time, despite following all the guidelines correctly when submitting their requests.

According to a recent CNBC report, dozens of international students from different nations have lost job offers and fear losing the possibility of gaining work experience in the US due to delays in work permit processing.

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Delays in OPT application processing

Foreigners who come to the US to complete their higher education have the possibility to apply to a program called OPT (Optional Practical Training), which allows them to work legally for up to 12 months in their study areas.

Adding to that, if foreign students are graduates of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), then they have the possibility to apply to the STEM OPT Extension, which allows them to work legally for 24 months.

Delays in OPT application processing are causing distress and fear among foreign students who submitted their applications on time and meet the mandatory requirements, but have not received a response from the USCIS.

They may reside in the US only for a specified period of time after completing their studies if they do not receive approval from the USCIS to work through the OPT program. Therefore, they fear losing their legal status due to administrative inconveniences of the federal agency in charge of processing the country’s immigration cases.

International students usually receive a receipt notice for their OPT applications within two to four weeks after submitting the request. However, many of them have waited even more than two months and have not received response from the USCIS.

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The role of the OPT program on the economy

According to an investigation conducted in 2018 by the Business Roundtable, a non-profit organization comprised of CEOs of recognized American companies, the OPT program plays an essential role in the local economic system and the contribution of foreign students is extremely beneficial for sectors such as science and technology.

The investigation reveals that reducing the number of approved OPT applications could lead to a significant decrease in gross domestic product, affect economic growth and flow, also reduce job opportunities for American workers who rely heavily on foreign entrepreneurship projects, and there would be a shortage of skilled workforce in sectors essential to the US’ international competitiveness.

Therefore, it is important for the federal government to implement new protocols to expedite immigration processes and reduce the backlog of immigration applications to continue attracting talent from abroad through work and study visa programs, which boost the economy in times of crisis.

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