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Do you need help and guidance during your immigration process?

Several immigration processes are changing

The US is a nation that receives and welcomes thousands of foreigners annually through multiple processes, whether they are related to employment, study, family ties, humanitarian programs, inter alia. Also, the country’s immigration levels are constantly changing due to multiple factors such as:

  • Local immigration policies.
  • Immigration case processing and waiting times.
  • Global circumstances that restrict or increase international traffic.
  • Situations inherent in other countries that force people to migrate to the US.
  • Ideals, goals and proposals of the country’s administration.

Therefore, immigration processes are not static, but rather tend to change periodically depending on innumerable influential causes. Adding to that, speaking specifically about what is currently happening, it is important to remember that Democratic President Joe Biden took office recently and the local immigration system is once again going through a series of changes that are transforming several immigration programs.

This is mainly because there is a gulf between the ideals of former President Trump and President Biden when it comes to immigration in general. Thus, the Biden administration is removing and rescinding certain restrictive policies implemented by the Trump administration, and, at the same time, creating strategies to expand immigration benefits and attract talent from abroad.

If you are thinking about starting an immigration process of any kind soon, whether you want to come to the US for the first time or if you need to complete an immigration case within the country, it is imperative to seek reliable help and to follow the advice of professionals. Contact Motion Law Immigration and schedule a FREE Consultation with our experienced attorneys!

The health risk is decreasing and immigration is returning to normal

Aside from the change of administrations and the fact that immigration processes change regularly, it is also important to note that the sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic tremendously affected the immigration system and allowed the Trump administration to restrict even more the flow of foreigners in the US.

Now, more than a year after the first massive outbreak of COVID-19 in the North American territory, we are seeing immigration gradually return to normal thanks to the Biden administration’s intervention, the processing of pending immigration cases and, clearly, the national vaccination project.

Nevertheless, the impact of the health crisis on the immigration system was so great that multiple processes have changed considerably in the last year. Therefore, in light of this fact, it is imperative to have the constant accompaniment of experts when starting your immigration process. In this way, you follow the advice of professionals who are up to date with current policies and the most recent changes to existing immigration programs.

Do you need help and guidance during your immigration process?

Before making a hasty decision, it would be more prudent and assertive to know the options available for your particular case and to properly choose the process that best suits your current immigration needs, always following the advice of experts.

Motion Law Immigration’s attorneys have vast experience when it comes to all kinds of immigration processes and have surely assisted many people in the same situation as you. Adding to that, our team has been preparing for years to guide you through your immigration journey, even in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis.

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