Take expert advice during your immigration journey in the US
  • The US’ deportation relief programs

Millions of migrants come to the US yearning to build a promising future as they try to flee truly risky situations such as violence, war, abuse, and persecution. However, many migrants also make the decision to cross borders without legal documentation amid despair and anguish, which is an extremely dangerous journey that puts their integrity and their future at risk.

The US, being aware of difficult situations in different countries around the world, decided to offer several alternatives to immigrants from certain countries, which allow them to legally remain in the US even though they do not have legal documentation. These options are usually known as deportation relief programs.

Some of these programs allow immigrants to eventually apply for legal permanent residence or even American citizenship, as well as EADs (Employment Authorization Documents) and other social benefits, depending on certain eligibility requirements and other factors.

However, even though there are some deportation relief programs, the best alternative will always be to follow legal guidelines established by the local immigration system. Learn about the options available for your particular immigration case. Contact Motion Law, schedule a Free Consultation and follow the advice of our experienced attorneys!

TPS – Temporary Protected Status

Within deportation relief programs in the US, there is one called TPS (Temporary Protected Status), which protects citizens of certain countries, who currently reside in the US without legal documentation.

Unlike other similar programs, the Secretary of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is in charge of choosing TPS beneficiary countries and establishing the validity and duration of the permit for each country, which usually varies between 6, 12 or 18 months, with the possibility of extension.

TPS beneficiary countries are usually territories experiencing precarious situations such as epidemics, natural disasters or extreme climatic circumstances, ongoing armed conflict, inter alia.

Adding to that, under the Biden administration, alternatives available to the most vulnerable immigrant communities, such as TPS, are returning to normal after four years in which former President Trump tried to substantially restrict immigration. In fact, Biden’s DHS has already granted TPS to other countries like Venezuela, which are vulnerable territories.

Take expert advice during your immigration journey in the US

It is imperative to seek reliable help when starting your immigration process in the US. In this way, following the advice of experts, you protect your future by choosing the right process for your current immigration needs, submitting a strong application and following legal parameters correctly.

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