Is the US responsible for the surge of illegal border crossings?

The Biden administration is facing a crossroads

Reforming the entire immigration system is one of President Joe Biden’s priorities, who took office less than three months ago. The Biden administration states that the US’ immigration policies do not always tally with global needs or with the current international situation because they have not been modified in decades, so they still have standards from other times.

It is worth mentioning that former President Trump also wanted to reshape the local immigration system, but in a rather strict way, restricting and reducing alternatives available to foreigners in the US, from vulnerable communities such as asylum seekers, to international students and highly skilled foreign workers.

On his side, President Joe Biden supports immigration and states that, before anything else, the US has always been an immigrant nation from its inception.

However, the Biden administration is facing a gigantic challenge as there is currently a substantial increase in illegal border crossings, especially since the beginning of February, just a couple of weeks after taking office. Therefore, several opposition groups, a part of the local population and members of Congress are blaming President Biden and his cabinet for the surge of irregular immigration, which puts his immigration plans at risk.

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Is the US responsible for the surge of illegal border crossings?

Although the current national controversy is heavily focused on Biden’s immigration policies and how the number of illegal border crossings might increase due to abrupt changes on the Trump administration’s restrictive policies, it is important to thoroughly analyze the situation and draw the correct conclusions, which are also consistent with the US’ history.

It is indeed important for the Biden administration to implement policies to enforce immigration law both at the borders and within the country, but it is also imperative to keep in mind that massive irregular migration rarely depends on the US’ immigration system. In fact, former President Trump also had to face a surge of illegal border crossings in 2019, despite the fact that he was building a border wall and restricting alternatives available to immigrants.

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There are other factors that force thousands of people to migrate to the US

It is imperative to remember that the world is still going through an unprecedented health crisis, which has affected other territories more than others, including many Central American countries. The Central American territory has felt the impact of the pandemic stronger due to its previous economic situation, which increased the crime and violence rate, forcing thousands of people to migrate to the US due to lack of resources or opportunities, and other precarious situations such as persecution and war.

In fact, in one of our most recent articles, we talked about the opinion of several experts regarding different factors that force thousands of people to migrate, which include the economic crisis, several natural disasters that have affected the Central American territory since November 2020, the lack of government resources to address the crisis, inter alia.

Thus, even if the Biden administration decides to implement restrictive border policies, as long as the root causes of mass irregular migration in vulnerable territories like Central America are not addressed, the US will continue to experience waves of illegal border crossings.

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