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In the American continent, there are three main subdivisions which are North America, Central America, and South America. Each country that makes up these territories has its peculiarities and, despite being a single continent, they go through extremely opposite and polar situations and circumstances.

For instance, there is a gigantic cultural, social and economic division between the Latin countries of the American continent, whose official languages are Spanish and Portuguese, which are essentially located in Central and South America, and the Anglophone countries, whose official language is English, which in this case refers mainly to Canada and the US, located in North America.

Speaking specifically about immigration, North American countries attract the attention of millions of Latin American citizens annually, especially the US. This is because the economic structure and the social fabric have been much more balanced throughout history, compared to other countries on the American continent, and it is seen as a land of opportunities and promising future.

Hence, immigration has always been a mainstay of the American culture due to a fairly high flow of foreigners. Also, due to the nature of migration, it has also been an extremely controversial issue among the American population, members of the government, and different administrations.

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Since immigration is often a focus of attention of the American public, the best decision when starting an immigration process is undoubtedly to follow legal guidelines to avoid being part of the controversy, and to have the opportunity to build the future you want with your beloved ones, always respecting local law.

Adding to that, also due to the flow of foreigners, the local immigration system offers a wide variety of alternatives for immigrant and non-immigrant communities. With this, we mean that you have the opportunity to come to the US through employment programs, options based on family ties, study programs for international students, humanitarian programs such as political asylum or refuge, inter alia.

Also, in many cases, the US also gives a second chance to certain foreigners who did not follow legal guidelines correctly or received a negative response to their immigration applications, who have the option of appealing their immigration cases or their deportation proceedings.

To know options available for your particular case, the best alternative is undoubtedly to follow the advice of experts in immigration matters, who will guide you through your process, every step of the way, and will advise you with knowledge and experience about what is the best decision for you and your beloved ones.

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