Are visa programs the only alternative to attract talent from abroad?

Census results spark debate about immigration

The National Census takes place every 10 years and is an essential resource for the US government to, on the one hand, analyze the birth rate and population growth and, on the other hand, to assign seats in Congress depending on the population density of each state and to allocate federal funds for local leaders to invest in infrastructure or other important areas. Adding to that, the Census also allows an in-depth analysis of the economy’s behavior in relation to population growth and density.

Currently, there is a growing debate among the American population, including critics and experts, because the 2020 National Census results clearly show low population growth in the last decade and a widening gap between the working-age population and the retirement-age population, which could become a burden on the economy by the end of the decade as there would be more retired citizens than active workers.

For dozens of experts, who have also conducted extensive research, the best alternative to balance the social gap is, undoubtedly, to increase immigration levels. This is the most viable path because, on the one hand, even if the local birth rate increases, it still would not be enough to boost the economy and, on the other hand, the drop in immigration in the last decade is also an influencing factor in the Census results.

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Are visa programs the only alternative to attract talent from abroad?

According to a recent investigation, the US should increase immigration levels by at least 37% to offset the drop in immigration during Trump’s term (2017-2021) and amid the global Coronavirus pandemic. This figure would represent approximately 370,000 immigrants annually.

Clearly, the most viable option would be to expand legal immigration programs to, at the same time, reduce mass irregular migration by simplifying existing processes. However, there is a question mark about how the country should attract talent from abroad, only through visa programs? Or are there other alternatives available as well?

To answer this question, several experts state that the current administration of the US should focus on improving the immigration system as soon as possible in order to increase immigration levels not only through the most common and well-known visa programs, but also through alternatives such as permanent legal residence, as well as expanding options for international students or recent graduates.

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America has a chance to restructure the immigration system

The current administration, headed by Democratic President Joe Biden, has the firm intention, unlike former President Donald Trump, to reshape the entire immigration system through comprehensive reform and expand alternatives available to all kinds of foreign communities, arguing that the US has always been an immigrant nation.

Thus, now that the 2020 National Census results are urging Congress to act on the immigration system, it is the right time for the Biden administration to move forward with its immigration plans.

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