House of Representatives to Decide on Two Immigration Proposals

House of Representatives to vote on two immigration proposals

The Biden administration’s immigration plan

Like previous administrations, the Biden administration plans to promote comprehensive immigration reform, primarily through an immigration bill that is already under congressional review. However, the Biden administration, considering what has happened in the recent history of the US, decided to introduce its immigration bill in pieces, which avoids the rejection of the entire proposal and allows members of Congress to review and analyze each part of the bill.

President Biden states that it is better for Congress to reject some of the proposals and pass others, rather than being left empty-handed. In fact, for the current president, reforming the immigration system has been a number one priority since he launched his political campaign for the November 2020 election.

Adding to that, the Biden administration knows that Congress has rejected multiple immigration bills over the last decades. In fact, the last time an administration was able to promote comprehensive immigration reform was in the 80s.

Thus, the current administration of the US faces an unprecedented challenge and several opposition groups have already raised their voices, calling on Congress to reject Biden’s immigration proposals. On the other hand, there are also dozens of activist groups, local companies and humanitarian organizations that support Biden’s immigration bill.

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House of Representatives to vote on two immigration proposals

The US House of Representatives will vote next week on two immigration proposals, which could define the future of Biden’s reform on the immigration system.

1. Legal Permanent Residence for farm workers

Congress will decide on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which would allow undocumented farm workers to obtain CAW (Certified Agricultural Worker) status and to apply for permanent legal residence in the US, as long as they meet mandatory requirements.

This Act was introduced in late 2019 and could help the Biden government to promote comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, under Biden’s immigration bill, undocumented farmworkers could also apply for legal permanent residence and possibly American citizenship.

2. Path to citizenship for Dreamers

Dreamers are young immigrants who came to the US without legal documentation when they were minors. In early February 2021, two senators reintroduced the so-called DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Immigrant Minors Act), which would offer a path to legal permanent residence and citizenship for Dreamers.

This Act was first introduced in 2001 and Congress has rejected it multiple times since then. Members of the US House of Representatives will vote again on this Act next week.

The fact that Congress is about to decide on two immigration proposals could be quite beneficial for the Biden administration because, depending on the decision of Congress, his administration could analyze the position of members of the House of Representatives and continue with the same immigration proposals or restructure them if necessary.

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