Advocates say Biden is leaving legal immigration behind

The constant focus on irregular migration

The contrast between immigration ideals of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden has always been quite stark. For instance, speaking specifically about border policies, the previous administration implemented a series of rules and measures that substantially narrowed alternatives available to immigrants who try to enter the country without legal documentation to seek international protection.

Thus, after four years in which immigration was substantially restricted, it was very predictable that the new administration would face a surge of illegal border crossings, and indeed it happened.

Since Biden took office in January 2021, the US has experienced the most alarming surge of illegal border crossings in decades, with apprehension rates increasing exponentially over the past eight months.

As expected, irregular migration, especially the current border situation, has become a recurring issue among the American population. In fact, the social debate surrounding the surge of illegal crossings has been present practically since Biden arrived to the White House.

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Advocates say Biden is leaving legal immigration behind

Naturally, since irregular migration is in the eye of the storm, legal migration processes have seemingly been sidelined, which has drawn the attention of activist groups, immigrant rights advocates and experts on the matter.

Dozens of advocates openly argue that sidelining legal immigration processes and allowing the previous administration’s mistakes to delay the adjudication of legitimate immigration status will only worsen the border situation and force more people to migrate irregularly.

In fact, to give a specific example, the policy director for the American Immigration Council recently stated, “We’ve lost hundreds of thousands of visas that were meant for people to come here through the employment-based system or to join family members that, because of federal bureaucracy, were not processed in time, which is absolutely unjustifiable”.

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The answer may lie within legal immigration processes

According to the opinion of several experts, the best solution to reduce irregular migration levels is to improve and optimize the legal immigration system, which, in their opinion, is outdated and broken in many ways.

They state that removing bureaucratic hurdles, expediting existing processes, reducing waiting times for applicants and simplifying legal immigration programs will allow the federal government to address irregular migration effectively while attracting talent from abroad.

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