Could Democratic leaders evade the Senate Parliamentarian's ruling?

Democrats face barriers related to the immigration sector

Democratic leaders are trying to circumvent the Republican filibuster in Congress by introducing an immigration resolution in the budget reconciliation process, which would allow them to pass the 2022 budget package with only 51 votes in the Senate and, ultimately, subtly push through immigration reform.

The immigration resolution included in Biden’s budget package proposed opening a path to citizenship for undocumented foreign workers, a number that hovers around 8 million.

Many of these essential workers have resided in the US undocumented for several years or even decades. That is the case of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, who are immigrants who came to the country when they were minors.

However, on September 10, the Senate Parliamentarian rejected the immigration language included by Democrats in the budget package, stating that it would lead to the implementation of a rather broad immigration law and that it is not necessarily a budgetary issue.

Clearly, the ruling by the Senate Parliamentarian, who by the way is a former immigration lawyer, is a major obstacle to the Biden administration’s plans regarding the immigration system.

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Could Democratic leaders evade the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling?

The reason why the Biden administration decided to include an immigration resolution in the budget package is because it is fully aware that it will not get bipartisan support in Congress for comprehensive immigration reform through regular means.

Currently, Democratic leaders are discussing about how to proceed after the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling. However, is this ruling really an unbreakable barrier?

Well, according to a recent report by The Seattle Times, “the parliamentarian’s decision is only advice (…) and it can be ignored or overturned”. Therefore, it is possible that Democratic leaders may have other courses of action beyond simply accepting the Senate Parliamentarian’s opinion.

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Immigrant communities await message from Biden

The Senate Parliamentarian’s decision was a door of hope for thousands of immigrants who have resided and worked in the US undocumented and who, ultimately, are also part of the American socio-economic fabric.

As such, immigrant communities are still waiting for the Biden administration to act on the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling and continue with the purpose of promoting comprehensive immigration reform.

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