Democrats may still consider other options for immigration reform

Immigration resolution rejected in budget package

Recently, in light of the border situation and the lack of bipartisan support in Congress, the Biden administration decided to include an immigration resolution in the 2022 budget package.

This budget package proposes to invest $3.5 trillion in different sectors to boost the economy in times of global crisis. Biden’s budget package is being introduced through the reconciliation process in order to circumvent Republican obstructionism in the Senate, the upper chamber of Congress.

Roughly speaking, the reconciliation process would allow the budget package to pass with only 51 votes in the Senate, instead of 60.

Therefore, the Biden administration attempted to introduce immigration reform through the budget package. However, the Senate Parliamentarian recently stated that the immigration legislation included in the budget bill does not qualify as a budget item and rejected it.

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What was Biden’s immigration proposal in the budget package?

Through the budget package, the Biden administration proposes to invest $107 billion in the immigration sector to, among other things, optimize border protection methods and open a path to legalization for approximately 8 million immigrants living in the US undocumented.

The Biden administration states that it is imperative to protect essential workers in times of global crisis, regardless of their immigration status.

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A gigantic setback for the Biden administration

Clearly, the Senate Parliamentarian’s decision is a major setback for the Biden administration’s immigration plans and for immigration reform in general.

However, Democratic leaders recently stated that they will not give up on promoting comprehensive immigration overhaul in Congress.

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Democrats may still consider other options for immigration reform

According to a recent Vox report, the Biden administration still has several options for implementing lasting changes and policies on the immigration system.

Let’s look at some viable alternatives:

  • Slightly modify the immigration language included in the budget package for the Senate Parliamentarian to review it again.
  • Modify the entire budget package and scale back ambitions with respect to the immigration sector, especially when it comes to undocumented foreigners.
  • Seek to challenge and overturn the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling.
  • Gain bipartisan support in Congress regarding immigration reform.

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