Border Forces are returning hundreds of Immigrants to Sonora desert

The global pandemic blocks the entry of immigrants to the country

Governments around the world had to create sudden action plans in light of the unexpected arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The issue at hand, the pandemic, definitely affected multiple sectors of society as we know it. One of the sectors most impacted by the health crisis is immigration in the US.

It is important to mention that the Trump government has always had the purpose of reducing immigration. Therefore, the arrival of the pandemic undoubtedly contributed to the current administration increasing restrictions and requirements for immigrants.

For instance, like many countries, the US closed its borders for a considerable period of time, banning the entry of foreigners. However, apart from curbing legal immigration, it is important to know the current situation of immigrants who try to cross the country’s borders without legal documentation.

Undocumented immigrants amid the health crisis

Border forces such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have the task to detain immigrants, who attempt to cross borders without prior authorization. They are usually taken to immigration detention centers around the US until their deportation proceedings are complete or until they appeal their cases (if they meet the requirements).

However, due to the health crisis, border forces, with the authorization of the Trump administration, have the power and right to return undocumented immigrants almost immediately after detaining them at the borders.

Current circumstances at the borders have drawn the attention of hundreds of activists, volunteers and immigrant rights advocates, who claim that the Trump government is using the health emergency as a pretext to fulfill its immigration agenda.

Volunteers denounce humanitarian crisis at the borders

Humanitarian aid volunteers have reported an unprecedented crisis in Arizona, which border the Sonoran desert (US-Mexico). The US border forces often bring immigrants back to Sasabe, a community in the state of Sonora.

However, volunteers say that recently, the number of immigrants brought to Sasabe exceeds limits and depletes resources available in this small region, which is also known because local gangs threaten the integrity of immigrants.

According to several testimonies, border forces are taking between 100 and 120 immigrants daily to Sasabe, where there is only one store, there are no temporary shelters for immigrants, and no resources to supply basic needs of the most vulnerable communities.

One of the volunteers states: “We believe that Border Patrol is getting away with these horrible deportation numbers because no one knows (…) It is really easy for them to just dump people there and that’s it. Nobody says anything.”

Know your immigration options

The US is a first world country that offers growth opportunities for immigrants. That is why it is the destination of thousands of foreigners annually. However, it is important to follow legal guidelines when submitting an immigration application and avoid precarious situations by following the advice of experts.

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