Legal immigration decreased by almost 92% during FY 2020

The arrival of the global pandemic and the immigration sector

The US has always been known for offering opportunities to foreigners who want to come to gain work experience, complete their higher education, take business or tourism trips, request international protection through humanitarian programs such as political asylum, inter alia.

Therefore, since it is a world power, the country has a fairly robust immigration system and normally opens its doors to thousands of foreigners annually. However, the current administration of the US has a strict stance when it comes to immigration.

In the opinion of the Donald Trump administration, the number of immigrants entering the country should be lower to protect the economic system, as well as the American population and to offer a better quality of life to citizens.

Therefore, President Trump has increased restrictions and regulations in recent years for foreigners to apply for an entry and residence permit.

Adding to that, the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic and the crisis it unleashed in the US contributed to the Trump administration almost completely pausing the local immigration system.

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Legal immigration dropped considerably during 2020

The Cato Institute, a non-partisan organization dedicated to public policy research, recently conducted an investigation that shows the official figures of legal immigration during the fiscal year 2020 (October-September), mainly focused on the second period of 2020 (April -September).

The results of the investigation reveal that the sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic tremendously affected the legal immigration system of the US. In fact, legal immigration declined 91.9% during the second period of fiscal 2020, which represents the highest figure in the country’s history, breaking a record for the immigration sector.

This happened after the Trump administration decided to suspend the issuance of most visas due to the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

This figure is quite alarming and in Cato’s opinion, it may not be just the health crisis, but if President Trump wins re-election, the official figures for legal immigration could continue to decline.

The research findings reveal that work visas have also been affected during the current juncture and that “Fewer workers mean that jobs will take longer to fill and slow the economic recovery, and in coming years, fewer workers will support more retirees. If the United States remains closed long enough, it could push worldwide patterns of immigration away toward other countries with more welcoming policies.”

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The Trump government substantially modified the immigration sector and the global pandemic also played a key role in changing some migration processes.

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