Foreigners create more jobs than American population

The Trump administration’s view on Business Immigration

Multiple small, medium and large local companies use options available by the business immigration system, which allows them to request to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a permit to bring highly qualified foreign workers, who play a fundamental role for these companies.

However, despite the fact that local businesses benefit greatly from foreign workforce, the current administration of the US, led by President Donald Trump, ensures that massive business immigration affects American citizens, diminishing employment possibilities for the local population and increasing the current unemployment rate.

Thus, one of the main purposes of the Trump administration is to reduce the number of foreign workers entering the country to protect local employment. Adding to that, the Trump government states that local companies tend to hire foreign employees before American employees because it is less expensive, even if they occupy the same jobs, which is a disadvantage for citizens.

However, something the Trump administration does not mention is the role foreign workers play in entrepreneurship projects and job creation.

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Study finds foreigners create more jobs than US citizens

Several professors from Kellogg School of Management, at Northwestern University, recently conducted a study that analyzes job creation by foreigners versus job creation by American citizens.

The idea that exists among the local population is that immigrants often take job opportunities that should be available to Americans. However, the study reveals that immigrants create more jobs than they take and the rate at which foreigners create companies (both small and large) is faster than local citizens.

One of the professors involved in the study stated: “Ironically, the result is exactly the opposite of the usual narrative. It seems like immigrants actually improve the economic outcomes for native-born workers.”

According to the information collected, the vast majority from the US Census Bureau database, shows that immigrants tend to participate in entrepreneurship projects, create medium and large companies, increase employment opportunities for US citizens , contribute to the country’s socioeconomic development.

Look for reliable information

It is important to learn about different points of view so that you can choose the most appropriate position regarding the crisis that we are going through and what would be the best way to overcome it.

Therefore, the government will always have a position, but it is also important to analyze the results of studies conducted by experts, critics and specialists, who have dedicated their lives to research. The results of these studies can give us an insight about the real impact of immigration on our society, especially business immigration.

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