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Immigration is frequently changing. Here at Motion Law, we like to keep you updated with the latest news about local and national immigration, keep you informed about changes within our firm, and share helpful information relevant to your immigration needs.

immigration situation in the US' sanctuary cities

The Sanctuary Cities and the US Government

Mar 13, 2020

America’s culture for immigrants The US has always been characterized as a country with freedom. Its culture has made everyone feel welcome in their land. It is a country specialized in international trade and the development of world technology. The US is one of the pillars of the world’s economy and has supported third world…

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death of immigrants in borders from mexico and the us

Multiple Deaths on the Borders between the US and Mexico

Mar 12, 2020

History of borders’ deaths The current situation on the borders between Mexico and the US is very delicate due to the living conditions of immigrants (to deepen this issue, check our previous blogs). Sometimes, it can even lead to death. In December 2019, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported the highest number of border…

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third country for asylum has been denied by court

The Court Denies the “Third Country Transit Rule”

Mar 11, 2020

Court blocks rule denying Asylum to immigrants crossing a third country Immigrants from all over the world arrive to the US with the intention of requesting Asylum, which is granted to people who are in danger in their native countries and who meet certain qualification requirements. During 2019, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of…

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Changes in immigration policies

Impact of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Mar 10, 2020

Current Government- Immigration Policies Since President Trump took office in January 2017, there have been drastic changes regarding immigration. The government has constantly focused on changing the statutes of immigration laws. The main changes are the following: Immigration laws are more complex. Now, even if you want to migrate to the US legally, the process…

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Request an H-1B visa

Changes to the H-1B Visa Request

Mar 10, 2020

Foreign workers and the H-1B visa There are lots of different reasons why a foreigner would want to come to the US. One of the most common reasons is to work, in fact, there is a Visa called H-1B and it allows a US company to make a request to bring a foreign worker who…

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DNA testing in immigrants for crime scenes

Trump Plans to Collect DNA from Immigrants to Send to the FBI

Mar 9, 2020

Trump’s plan for Immigrant DNA testing Immigrants who have managed to enter the US legally is because they prepared their cases and requests correctly, therefore, their residence and entry have been granted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However, with Trump’s administration, many immigrants have gone through difficult situations to gain entry and…

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Immigrants in the borders waiting for Asylum approval

“Remain in Mexico” Rule for Asylum-Seekers

Mar 9, 2020

Asylum In some of our blogs we have mentioned the estimated waiting time of entry and residence permits to the US. We have noticed that the most requested visas can take 2 or even 3 years of waiting to be granted. Many immigrants who want to cross the border legally must wait a long time…

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Waiting times for Visas in the US

Visa Processing Times

Mar 6, 2020

Visa Request and Processing Times The US has been a great focus of immigrants around the world. The country is able to offer opportunities to live, study and work. Also, foreigners tend to choose the US as their destination since they can build a better future for their families, and the immigration process has never…

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Immigration Fraud new Form

Immigration Fraud Control

Mar 5, 2020

USCIS- New form against Immigration Fraud Immigration laws have changed considerably lately. The process is different now and has multiple requirements that must be met before residency or entry into the US is granted. For this reason, many immigrants try to enter the US dishonestly or are deceived by fraudulent entities that promise them guidance…

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Request employee with L-1A Visa

L-1A Visa and Legalization Process

Mar 5, 2020

L-1A Visa The L-1A Visa allows a US employers to make a request for a foreign worker to come to the country to work locally. This classification also allows a foreign company that does not have offices in the United States to send an executive or manager to the country for possible investment. The L-1A…

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