Activists call for immigration reform beyond the DACA program

The controversy surrounding DACA

The current president of the US Donald Trump, along with his cabinet, has always had the goal of reducing immigration at all costs. With this, we refer to strategies to curb illegal immigration and protect borders, as well as rules and policies to reduce legal immigration and humanitarian programs.

For instance, one of the Trump administration’s main purposes has been to remove Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This is a program that protects undocumented immigrants, who came to the US as minors.

This immigration benefit has been embroiled in a gigantic controversy and a legal battle in recent years as the Trump administration wants to remove it from programs offered to immigrant communities in the country, but immigrant rights advocates and activists have not allowed it.

On the one hand, the Trump administration states that undocumented immigrants should not have benefits in the country since they violated local law, regardless of whether they are adults or minors. On the other hand, activist groups states that DACA currently protects more than 700,000 people, most of whom came to the US as children under the age of 10, and deporting them to countries they do not know or remember would unnecessarily risk their integrity. In addition to that, they state that DACA recipients become essential workers for the local economy.

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Federal judge protects the DACA program

In the midst of a seemingly endless legal battle, DACA has been protected by the US Supreme Court of Justice and several lower courts.

In fact, on Friday, December 4, a federal judge in New York ruled in favor of DACA and ordered the Trump administration to receive new applications and renew existing permits for two years, instead of one.

This happened because the Trump administration, even though the Supreme Court had already ruled in favor of DACA recipients in June, was not receiving new applications and had shortened the validity of the permit..

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Activists call for immigration reform beyond the DACA program

Immigrant rights advocates and activists who have confronted the Trump government in multiple legal proceedings to protect DACA recipients and the most vulnerable immigrant communities, who have been the target of the current administration, celebrate the decision of the federal judge.

However, they also state that the government of President-elect, Joe Biden, must introduce immigration reform to protect undocumented immigrants that are not eligible for DACA, who are also essential for the economy’s development and growth.

They assure that the current immigration system is not in line with our time and that, due to the global crisis unleashed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the US needs a reform to offer protection to immigrant communities and also benefit from foreign talent and innovation.

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