Activists in caravan call for immediate attention from incoming administration to immigration

Activists in caravan call for immediate attention from incoming administration to immigration

The Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, was elected by the local population to be the 46th president of the US. After the election results came to light, dozens of organizations and immigrant rights advocates raised their voices, calling on the Biden administration to deliver on its promises regarding immigration and revoke Trump’s policies, which, in their opinion, violate human rights and endanger the most vulnerable immigrant communities.

In fact, on Saturday, December 5, 2020, the Border Network For Human Rights (BNHR), along with other humanitarian organizations, led a caravan of almost 100 cars (30-mile caravan) to launch its “2021 Immigration Reform Campaign at the Borderland.”

BNHR is asking the incoming Biden government to:

  • Take action to help immigrants harmed by Trump’s policies during the first 100 days in office.
  • Present an immigration bill to rebuild and restructure the current immigration system.
  • Offer a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently residing in the US.
  • Hold the Trump administration and border forces officials responsible for abusing power and violating the human rights of immigrant families.
  • Close immigration detention centers (overseen by ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and find alternatives to remotely monitor immigrants with pending deportation proceedings.
  • Reunite immigrant families separated at the borders under Trump’s zero tolerance policy, which left hundreds of minors in limbo.

Why are activists calling for the attention of the Biden government?

Immigration has always been a controversial topic among the American population. There is a part of the population that fully supports immigration and argues that it is necessary for the growth of local businesses and the economy. There is another part of the population that does not support immigration and argues that foreigners reduce job opportunities for local citizens.

However, the immigration situation in the US has changed dramatically under the Donald Trump administration. The current president has always referred to immigration with a negative connotation, and, thus, has implemented hundreds of changes to the local immigration system, which substantially restrict legal opportunities for foreigners.

Adding to that, one of its main purposes, apart from curbing illegal immigration, is to increase requirements and narrow opportunities for immigrant communities to request international protection through humanitarian programs such as political asylum or refuge.

Thus, since the current president’s approach to immigration has been quite strict, hundreds of activists, immigrant rights advocates, critics, immigration attorneys, and experts have challenged and contradicted the Trump administration through legal proceedings, research, studies and reports, which show real figures about the impact of immigration in the US.

Other than that, one of the reasons why the American population chose the Democratic nominee to be the nation’s leader for the next four years is precisely because of his vision when it comes to immigration and, therefore, citizens have a great expectation regarding what the incoming government will do during the first 100 days.

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