The MPP policy threatens the life of thousands of asylum seekers

The MPP policy

The current president of the US, Donald Trump, does not agree with the idea of allowing asylum seekers to reside in the country while they wait for a response to their immigration cases, which can take a fairly long period of time.

In the opinion of the Trump administration, asylum seekers tend to excessively use social benefits, local monetary aid, free health programs, inter alia, and this generally becomes an unnecessary burden on the country’s economic system.

That is the reason why, over the past three years, the current administration of the US has implemented multiple changes that are directly related to the process and requirements of political asylum applications.

One of these measures is the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), which was implemented in early 2019, with the help, support and participation of the Mexican government.

This immigration policy, also known as “Remain in Mexico”, states that asylum seekers must wait in Mexico while they receive a response to their immigration applications or until they have a hearing with a local judge.

In this way, the Trump administration prevents them from residing within the US before receiving approval for political asylum.

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What are the current circumstances of  asylum seekers?

Since its inception, the MPP policy sparked unprecedented social controversy in the US, mainly because of the circumstances in which asylum seekers currently live.

For instance, they:

  • Live in temporary shelters built around the borders of Mexico, usually overcrowded.
  • Survive on donations from activist organizations, religious entities, and neighboring communities.
  • Do not have constant access to food or water.
  • Cannot shower every day and there are no bathrooms in adequate hygiene conditions.
  • Are at the mercy of local gangs that constantly threaten their well-being and kidnap minors.
  • There are no medical personnel available to assist them in the event of a health emergency.

On top of that, the global Coronavirus pandemic not only threatens their health, but also substantially delayed political asylum hearings, worsening the situation for immigrants under the MPP policy.

Now, asylum seekers fear for their lives as well

A Catholic organization dedicated to protect social justice, human dignity and inclusiveness constantly visits one of the temporary shelters for asylum seekers located in Mexico.

Immigrants living there recently told this organization that they have found several bodies in a nearby river where they normally bathe and wash clothes.

They do not know who is behind these events and local authorities have not been able to find those responsible. They warn that it is most likely the same gangs that constantly threaten them.

This organization and dozens of activist communities are calling on the governments of the US and Mexico to modify the MPP policy to protect the lives of thousands of innocent people, who are in constant danger amid these precarious circumstances.

There are still multiple alternatives for your immigration case

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