Vice President-elect comments on immigration proposals from the incoming government

The incoming government and the immigration sector

During the most recent presidential election in the US, which took place on November 3, 2020, the local population had to decide between the two strongest candidates:

  • Current President Donald Trump, who belongs to the Republican political party and was seeking reelection.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden (Barack Obama’s term), who belongs to the Democratic political party.

These two candidates have a diametrically opposite view when it comes to multiple important sectors of society such as immigration. President Trump has always wanted to reduce immigration, from humanitarian programs to immigration based on employment or family ties.

On the contrary, the Democratic nominee states that immigration is necessary for the socioeconomic development of local companies, entrepreneurship projects and international competitiveness of the US in areas such as technology, science and engineering.

The results revealed that the American population elected Joe Biden as the country’s 46th president, who plans to reverse Trump’s restrictive policies on the immigration system and expand alternatives available for foreigners to enter the US following legal guidelines.

In fact, one of the most important aspects of Joe Biden’s political campaign is immigration. The president-elect, along with his cabinet, state that the Trump administration affected the most vulnerable immigrant communities and the immigration system was already broken even before Trump took office, which allowed him to implement hundreds of restrictions on legal processes and humanitarian alternatives such as political asylum.

Thus, the incoming government plans to restructure and reform the immigration sector to attract talent from abroad, protect the human rights of vulnerable communities, and boost the economy in times of crisis with the help of foreign workforce.

Vice President-elect comments on immigration proposals from the incoming government

Kamala Harris will serve as Vice President during Joe Biden’s term, who will be the first woman to hold this position in the US.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, the vice president-elect commented on the Biden administration’s immigration agenda. Harris stated that the immigration system must be transformed to benefit the US economy and offer international protection to those who need it most.

Let’s see some key points of the Biden administration’s immigration agenda:

  • Reduce waiting times for citizenship applications. The incoming government plans to reduce waiting times for naturalization applications from 13 years to 8 years through a less complicated citizenship process.
  • Offer legal permanent residence or Green Card to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) beneficiaries. These humanitarian programs have been on the tightrope under the Trump administration. Therefore, the incoming government wants to offer a permanent alternative for immigrants protected by these programs.
  • There is currently a substantial delay in most immigration processes due to restrictions implemented by the Trump administration and the health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the Biden administration plans to hire more immigration judges to expedite court hearings.

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