Trump comments on Biden's immigration policies

The Biden government’s view on immigration

Even though President Donald Trump was seeking re-election, Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, won the presidential election on November 3, 2020. The president-elect will take office in a week (January 20, 2021) and one of its main focuses is immigration.

According to the opinion of the incoming government, immigration:

  • Is a benefit, an advantage and a strength for the US.
  • Contributes greatly to the development and growth of American orUS-based companies.
  • Increases employment opportunities for the local population through entrepreneurship projects.
  • Contributes to the international competitiveness of the US.
  • Is essential for scientific and technological development.
  • Is a primary source of income for educational institutions such as colleges and universities.

It is no secret that President Trump also used immigration as a cornerstone of his political campaign, but in a negative way. The Trump administration states that mass immigration hurts the economy and American workers, becomes an unnecessary burden on the federal government, and diminishes benefits for local citizens. Thus, over the past four years, his government modified immigration processes, increasing requirements and restrictions for foreigners, from highly skilled workers to asylum seekers and refugees.

The incoming government plans to lift Trump’s restrictions, reverse policies that hinder immigration processes, and rebuild the local immigration system to embrace multiculturalism and diversity among the local population and avoid discrimination and social division.

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Trump comments on Biden’s immigration policies

President Trump, despite protests and riots on his behalf, made a trip to Texas on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, just 8 days before leaving office, to visit the border wall that separates the US from Mexico (an essential piece of his immigration agenda) and comment on the impact and benefits of his immigration policies.

Trump commented on the progress of the border wall and how it has effectively curbed illegal immigration from Central America. The current president also talked about 300 miles of border wall that have already been funded, but have not been built, which is an ongoing project.

Speaking specifically about the immigration sector, President Trump stated that when he took office, there was no protection at the borders, but that his administration made sure to create a wall of protection against drug trafficking and individuals who violate immigration law by crossing borders without prior authorization.

Aside from that, President Trump stated that if the Biden administration reverts his immigration policies, it could unleash a wave of immigration at the southern borders of the US. In fact, the current president openly stated: “To terminate these policies is to knowingly put this country in great danger (…) if these policies are reversed, it would trigger a wave of immigration.”

It is important to clarify that the incoming administration indeed plans to reverse Trump’s restrictive policies and implement an immigration system based on human rights, one that is more humane, fair and welcoming.

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