Trump’s “Merit-Based” Immigration Reform

Trump plans to propose new immigration bill

Elections are approaching and the president plans to present immigration reform

In a recent interview by the current President of the US, Donald Trump, he mentions his plans to present an immigration reform project during the next four weeks.

It is well known that since President Trump took office in 2017, he has worked tirelessly to reduce mass immigration, both legal and illegal.

In fact, on the official website of the White House, there is a section dedicated only to immigration issues, the latest news involving presidential orders, and the latest proclamations regarding immigration laws.

In this section, the White House literally states that “the President supports ending chain migration, eliminating the Visa Lottery, and moving the country to a merit-based entry system. These reforms will advance the safety and prosperity of all Americans while helping new citizens assimilate and flourish”.

Now the president declares something different

In the recent interview with Telemundo, the president assures that the new immigration bill will benefit and favor many immigrants, including the well-known “Dreamers”, who are protected by the DACA program  (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

This program has had many ups and downs in recent years due to President Trump’s unwavering purpose of removing it.

However, the Supreme Court of Justice recently ruled in favor of the program and avoided its removal.

Therefore, the fact that the Trump government mentions new benefits and a “road to citizenship” for DACA recipients denotes a change in immigration policies previously proposed by the president.

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The president persists in a “merit-based” reform

It is important to take into account the entire trajectory of the current administration of the US to understand the purposes of the new immigration bill.

Aside from the fact that the official White House website mentions the idea of “merit-based immigration”, the president also mentions the same thing in the recent interview, where he says the new immigration reform uses merit as the mainstay.

In addition to that, the president has been talking about the same topic since 2017. For instance, on the president’s official twitter, on November 1, 2017, he posted: “We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter)”.

Thus, it is clear that the idea of a “merit-based” immigration law reform has been one of President Trump’s main projects. However, he has not given many details about it, he has only mentioned the term “merit” continuously.

Now, the current administration plans to present this bill before the presidential elections and possibly use the new immigration reform as a key piece of its government proposal to win reelection.

Social discernment is paramount

In these times of health, social, political and economic crisis, it is essential for the population to consciously analyze all possible changes in immigration policies.

It is also important to understand that immigration has always been a controversial issue in the US and the discernment of society could strike a new balance for the immigration system.

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