Trumps mandate keeps on challenging immigrants

Immigration and public charge rules

New immigration determinations emerge towards the end of Trump’s mandate


The situation for immigrants is made more complex by new policies that seem not to hint at a truce. Recently, the president informed that he would seek to lower the rate of immigration to the United States through the denial of visas to all those who were part of the so-called “chain migration”, i.e. people “sponsored” economically by a family member or employer residing in the U.S… In other words, as long as the applicant cannot prove that he or she is self-sufficient or will not represent a “public charge” by obtaining government assistance. The Director of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) states that anyone who cannot afford health insurance within the first 30 days after entry to the US would be part of this restriction, thus achieving, among other things, the goal set; of minimizing the entry of immigrants.

Opposition to Trump’s mandate still growing

However, the disapproval of the wider immigration community did not take long to manifest itself, triggering the temporary blockade of this proclamation by Oregon District Judge Michael Simon, highlighting that the president would not be respecting the “Immigration and Nationality Act” (INA), which determines who is ineligible to apply for U.S. visas, affecting more than 400,000 people who are already in the country. Added to the other changes in the immigration policy, this will only represent more delays in any applications for visas.

For now, in the United States, the struggle for migratory justice is growing in the form of popular movements which have just achieved the abolition of private migratory detention in the State of California. So whilst on one side we have President Trump and the forces of reaction and defense of the capital he represents but on the other side and in general opposition, we have the figure of Bernie Sanders, who disputes the Democratic candidacy and represents the comeback of the left- wing and whose proposal includes the suspension of deportations and the reversal of the immigration policy implemented by the current government. The story is a moving picture and we will have to wait and watch how far Trump’s determinations progress until his term ends and next year’s elections arrive. For some it won’t arrive too soon.

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