First public appearance after leaving office: Trump to comment on immigration

First public appearance after leaving office: Trump to comment on immigration

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, the former president of the US, Donald Trump, is scheduled to speak publicly for the first time since he left office in late January 2021.

This public session will take place during the annual Conservative Political Action Campaign (CPAC). The former president plans to comment on several relevant and important issues for the Republican political party and, of course, on immigration.

Former President Trump will comment on immigration policies of current President Joe Biden, who belongs to the Democratic political party and has a stance diametrically opposed to his when it comes to the immigration sector.

In fact, in less than a month, the Biden administration reversed and rescinded more than 10 restrictive policies, the most controversial among the American population and immigrant rights advocates, which were implemented by the Trump administration on the immigration system between 2017 and 2021.

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The controversy surrounding the immigration sector

It is no secret that immigration is quite a controversial topic among the American public. This is mainly because the US, being a world power and a first world country, is the destination of thousands of foreigners annually. Therefore, there is a part of the population that supports immigration, promotes multicultural inclusion and asks the federal government to expand benefits for the most vulnerable immigrant communities. There is another part of the population that does not fully support immigration and asks the federal government to increase requirements for foreigners to come to the country.

Therefore, due to different opinions among the American population, immigration is a contentious topic, despite the fact that foreigners are part of the country’s workforce and provide their services in important sectors of the local market such as the US food supply chain and the healthcare system.

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The last two administrations differ in their stance on immigration

Aside from the fact that immigration is itself controversial, the last two administrations have acted since day one on the local immigration system and take a completely different stance when it comes to this sector, increasing the national debate around this issue.

On the one hand, former President Trump has always criticized immigration, stating that foreigners tend to accept lower wages, which diminishes employment opportunities for American workers. Adding to that, the former president and his team also narrowed the options for vulnerable populations to request international protection in the US through humanitarian programs such as political asylum and refuge.

On the other hand, President Biden strongly supports immigration and states that foreigners bring innovation and talent and, therefore, are absolutely necessary for socio-economic development and job creation in the medium and long term. Therefore, his government has removed multiple restrictive policies implemented by Trump in order to comply with his proposals and promote comprehensive immigration reform.

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