The Biden administration's role in attracting talent from abroad

The US stopped attracting talent from abroad in recent years

The most vulnerable immigrant communities trying to flee persecution, danger and violence often seek international assistance in the US, a nation that offers almost limitless opportunities and opens a path to economic and job stability. However, apart from vulnerable populations, the US is also the destination for millions of foreign students and highly qualified workers, who apply to visa programs to gain work experience in the country and at the same time contribute to the growth of local companies.

It is important to clarify that vulnerable communities also end up belonging to the US employment chain and become part of the local workforce, which also benefits the national economic flow and financial structure.

Adding to that, thousands of American or US-based companies use programs such as the H-1B visa, which allows them to attract talent from abroad and hire highly qualified workers for sectors extremely important for international competitiveness such as research, engineering, technology and science.

However, in recent years, the US paused its effort to attract talent from abroad under the Donald Trump administration, which, instead of seeing the real and verifiable impact of foreign workforce on the economy, relied on political ideals to reduce immigration and allow other countries to implement more welcoming immigration policies to attract highly skilled foreign workers.

Adding to that, the global Coronavirus pandemic also allowed the Trump administration to increase restrictions on the immigration sector on grounds of sanitary emergency, which also affected business and student immigration.

Attracting talent from abroad is essential in times of crisis

We can see the importance and necessity of attracting talent from abroad simply by looking at facts related to the current global situation. For instance, the two companies that led the research to find an antidote to COVID-19, the virus that spread uncontrollably around the world and unleashed an unprecedented economic crisis, were created by immigrants or children of immigrants in the US.

Adding to that, a high percentage of foreign workers are part of entrepreneurship projects, which create jobs for the American population in the medium and long term. In fact, in 2018, there was at least one immigrant founder in 55% of private companies with a valuation of at least $1 billion.

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Therefore, attracting talent from abroad is essential, not only to boost the economy and to overcome the current crisis, but for the US to remain an international leader, a world power and prevent it from losing what it has achieved by having inclusive values.

The Biden administration’s role in attracting talent from abroad

The current administration of the US, led by President Joe Biden, has a gigantic task with the immigration sector. In fact, his policies and ideals could definitely change the future of immigration at the national and regional level.

According to a recent report by Fortune, the federal government should implement immigration policies that promote smart comprehensive reform, based on current global needs and the importance of attracting talent from abroad.

Fortune states that “the White House and Congress should look to high-skilled immigration as a means for coming back even stronger than before,” and proposes to expedite and simplify visa and legal permanent residence (Green Card) process for highly qualified foreign workers and students.

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