The Catholic Church Disapproves Express Deportations and MPP

El Paso Bishop writes a letter against immigration policies

The Bishop of El Paso raises his voice

The Bishop of El Paso decided to visit a community of pregnant immigrant women who remain at the borders of Mexico under the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP).

This immigration policy, also known as “Remain in Mexico,” requires asylum seekers to stay at the borders of Mexico in temporary shelters, while waiting for a response to their immigration requests or having an opportunity to attend a hearing.

According to official figures, around 70,000 immigrants patiently wait at the borders between Mexico and the US. Nowadays, with the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic, their situation worsens every day.

The bishop openly expressed his disagreement with the living conditions of immigrants who want to apply for asylum in the US and stated that express deportations also affect the lives of innocent immigrants who only want to flee the danger in their countries.

The leader of the Catholic church compares the present with previous wars

On June 18, 2020, after his visit to the borders of Mexico, the bishop wrote a pastoral letter expressing all his opinions regarding the reality that immigrants live in that region.

The bishop stated: “During World War II, the United States thought it had learned after we felt the guilt of having returned a boat filled with Jewish refugees back to the extermination camps of Nazi Germany (…) But today we send those who have escaped back into the hands of narco-trafficking gangs, ignoring the very laws we had written”.

The bishop says that the Trump government has implemented immigration policies that appear to be effective but actually put an end to asylum and refuge applications in the US, which, in his opinion, is a smart way to meet its immigration agenda and the goal of reducing the number of immigrants that enter the country annually.

Bishop Mark J. Seitz also declares his opposition to express deportations used during the Coronavirus health crisis.

He declares that deportation in the midst of a pandemic is a danger to the most vulnerable territories, especially the countries of Central America, which receive the majority of immigrants deported from the US.

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