Canada Comments about new Restrictions on Work Visas in the US

Canadian magazine comments on Trump's restrictions

Trump temporarily bans issuance of work visas

In one of our most recent articles, we talk about the new restrictions implemented by Trump’s government regarding work visas in the US.

Broadly speaking, the current administration of the US banned the issuance of work visas until 2021. In other words, specialized foreign workers cannot come to the country with a work permit for the rest of the year.

With this measure, the Trump government intends to protect the job opportunities currently available and suggests that only the North American population should fill those job positions.

According to Trump’s opinion, that will help reduce the unemployment rate and boost the economy of local businesses and markets.

This decision has generated a gigantic controversy among citizens who agree with the measure and activists and businessmen who complain about workforce shortage.

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Canada gives its opinion on the matter

A renowned Canadian magazine gave its opinion about the restrictions on work visas implemented by the current administration of the US. The magazine shares its opposition to current immigration policies and restrictions of Trump’s government.

For instance, the magazine openly states: “you’re (the US) making a giant mistake by hardening your borders and your hearts to talented newcomers”.

However, Canada also thanks the US because due to border restrictions, thousands of specialized foreign workers are applying for job opportunities there.

On top of that, the magazine argues that denying the opportunity for qualified foreigners who would work in areas like technology, research, medicine, entrepreneurship, the US is only “shutting out the creators of its economic future”.

This is a giant impact on the image of Trump’s government, mostly because Canada and the US have a close economic relationship and this opinion could affect the economic interaction that has prevailed for decades.

Trump’s administration should reevaluate the situation

It is imperative for the Trump government to listen to the views of expert businessmen who express concern over restrictions on work visas.

The concern of experts and activists is mainly that an American company can request foreign workers only when there are no local workers available. This means that labor shortages could affect local markets and those who would suffer the consequences would be the American families.

It is actually an alarming situation because if that happens, the government would be creating an impact diametrically opposite to what it wants.

However, if the Trump administration knows the repercussions but only wants to fulfill its purposes of reducing immigration at all costs, then, that would spark even bigger controversy in the US.

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