The Border Wall under Joe Biden’s Administration

Biden's stance on the border wall

The Trump administration’s border wall

Illegal immigration is an increasingly complex issue around the world. Thousands of people are trying to flee from danger, persecution, violence and lack of resources, and are looking for new opportunities in first world countries. In fact, irregular immigration has also been present amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, despite the sanitary risk.

In general, most countries try to adopt policies to protect, as fas as possible and depending on local conditions, the most vulnerable immigrant communities and offer them opportunities to pursue legal processes. However, regarding irregular immigration, countries adopt different strategies as it could lead to other consequences, such as deportation.

There are governments that are stricter than others regarding this issue. For instance, illegal immigration was a gigantic responsibility for the Trump administration. The former president and his cabinet stated that illegal immigration hurts American workers, the local economy, and becomes a burden on taxpayers and the federal government.

Therefore, one of the main proposals of Donald Trump’s political campaign was the border wall that separates the US from Mexico. In the former president’s opinion, the wall would:

  • Curb illegal immigration from Central America.
  • Force immigrants to arrive only at authorized ports of entry.
  • Help border forces like CBP (Customs and Border Protection) to carry out their duties.
  • Help the government to control and measure immigration more efficiently.

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Biden’s stance on the border wall

Despite the Trump administration seeking a second term, Democratic nominee Joe Biden took the victory and is the current president of the US. Biden took office on January 20, 2021.

Returning to the border wall issue, the Trump administration expedited the construction of the wall after the presidential elections. It is important to clarify that the Trump administration has already funded 738 miles of border wall, but there are currently 452 miles of wall across the southern border of the US.

As one of his first executive actions, President Biden issued a presidential proclamation to stop the construction of the border wall on grounds of national emergency. President Biden states that diverting federal funds to build a border wall is an inefficient and costly strategy.

Thus, the “Plan for Redirecting Funding and Repurposing Contracts” is the Biden government’s new strategy to terminate or reuse contracts already financed. According to the presidential proclamation, several Biden administration’s officials will have to present an action plan within the next 60 days, outlining the steps to follow regarding the border wall and current contracts.

Adding to that, the Biden administration plans to increase border protection to prevent illegal immigration through different methods such as:

  • Technology: The president-elect has repeatedly mentioned his intention to use technology to monitor and protect the borders without a wall. With this, we refer to devices such as aerial cameras, high-throughput scanning technology, inter alia.
  • Infrastructure: The president-elect plans to improve infrastructure at authorized ports of entry to expedite political asylum processes and encourage immigrant communities to request legal entry only through these ports.

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