Texas City files lawsuit against the Biden administration

Biden lifts certain border restrictions

Former President Donald Trump’s administration implemented a series of rules and restrictions that substantially limited and curbed immigration levels in the border territory. Adding to that, aside from the intention of reducing immigration in general, the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory also allowed the Trump administration to expand border restrictions on grounds of global health emergency.

Trump’s border restrictions were related to multiple immigration processes, including humanitarian programs such as political asylum, and also depended on other factors such as eligibility requirements, deportation proceedings and immigration law enforcement.

The Trump administration’s rules had a gigantic impact on the US’ immigration numbers. However, the current administration, with President Joe Biden leading since the beginning of 2021, does not agree with having an immigration system based on restrictions and prohibitions, but rather supports the ideal of building an immigration system that is humane, fair and aligned with the country’s values as an inclusive nation.

Therefore, over the past six months, the Biden administration has removed a large number of rules and limitations implemented by the previous administration, which also includes certain border restrictions. It is worth explaining that, given that Trump’s policies always tended to be quite strict, Biden is now facing an exponential increase in immigration levels, both legal and illegal, which undoubtedly sparks a colossal social debate.

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Texas City files lawsuit against the Biden administration

The US is currently experiencing a surge of illegal border crossings and, at the same time, the Biden administration is trying to welcome eligible undocumented immigrants in certain border areas. However, not all border territories have the resources to constantly receive immigrants and are asking Biden to handle the situation differently.

For instance, Laredo, a Texas city, filed a lawsuit on Friday, July 16, asking for a temporary restraining order against Biden’s DHS (Department of Homeland Security), which is transferring a large number of immigrants to Laredo from other border territories, according to KGNS News.

Laredo states that the number of buses transporting immigrants has increased from 3 to 6 on a daily basis, which means that DHS is transferring approximately 350 immigrants per day to Laredo to have their cases processed there.

Therefore, Laredo’s Mayor states that the local community hopes that the temporary restraining order will decrease the flow of immigrants into the region to prevent another massive outbreak of COVID-19 in this territory.

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