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The US immigration policies

The US has been the destination of thousands of immigrants for several decades. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a country that offers multiple alternatives for immigrant communities to build a promising future. They can choose to gain work experience, create entrepreneurship projects, complete their higher education, apply to humanitarian programs, inter alia.

With this, we refer to the fact that the US is attractive not only for immigrants who need international protection or those who try to flee from precarious situations of their countries, but also for highly qualified foreign workers, entrepreneurs, investors and international students, who contribute greatly to the country’s economic development and growth.

That is why the local immigration system is quite extensive and can even become complex due to the number of options available to foreigners. Adding to that, immigration policies tend to change constantly depending on the administration of the country.

For instance, speaking specifically about President Donald Trump, his administration has a more conservative ideal regarding immigration compared to previous administrations. Therefore, the Trump government has substantially restricted immigration and implemented multiple emergency measures, during and after the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory, which further limit possibilities for foreigners.

However, despite Trump’s immigration policies, if you fully follow legal processes and parameters, you will surely get a positive response to your immigration application and will be able to fulfill your dreams in the US.

Start your immigration process with the help of reliable experts

Since immigration policies are constantly changing, it is better for you to seek reliable help when submitting an immigration application. In this way, you avoid precarious situations, a possible rejection of your application and protect your future.

Apart from that, it is important to remember that the presidential elections took place on November 3, 2020, and the American population elected Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, as the 46th president of the US, who will take office in early 2021.

Biden takes a more welcoming stance when it comes to the immigration sector and that is why local policies will likely change again with his administration.

Therefore, it is essential to have the constant accompaniment of experts, who are up to date with current immigration policies and, therefore, will be able to guide you towards the success of your application.

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