Senators Unite to Promote Immigration Reform

Senators hopeful for comprehensive immigration reform

Senators hopeful for comprehensive immigration reform

Senators across the US are attempting to create bipartisan agreements to promote needed and overdue comprehensive immigration reform in Congress.

In fact, to give a specific example, Republican Senator John Cornyn recently brought together a group of both Republican and Democratic political leaders to travel to the borderlands and see for themselves what is really happening, not only from the perspective of border agents, but also from the perspective of migrants crossing the continent to reach the borders.

In Cornyn’s view, as well as many other senators, it is imperative to bring bipartisan power to act on immigration as soon as possible, which, in his opinion, has been lacking all these years to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

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A necessary move in Congress

To understand the problem at hand, it is important to explain that Congress has failed to implement comprehensive immigration reform since the 1980s, and that is primarily due to the division of opinion within the branches of Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

However, this is the first time in decades that leaders of all political parties agree on the imperative need to reach an immigration agreement, which could bring about effective changes to improve the local immigration system once and for all.

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