Senators reintroduce bill to protect foreign medical workers

Skilled workforce shortage in the health sector

One of the most important revelations that 2020 brought along with the global Coronavirus pandemic is the alarming shortage of skilled workforce in the US’ healthcare sector. The local health system has been saturated for a considerable period of time and there is a growing gap in medical workers, which includes nurses, physicians, pharmacists, inter alia.

To fill these skilled workforce gaps, several recent studies and research have revealed that immigration has always been one of the best tools. In fact, a high percentage of healthcare workers come from different nations and are certainly the pioneers and heroes of our time.

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Programs available to foreign workers allow the most important sectors to meet the local market’s demands and the American population’s needs. For instance, the presence of foreign medical professionals has been extremely essential over the past year amid the health crisis caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Without the great contribution of these international workers, the US’ health system would possibly have faced an even greater skilled workforce shortage during the emergency.

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Senators reintroduce bill to protect foreign medical workers

Since the shortage of medical professionals has recently come to light, especially during the last year, there are currently several projects and proposals that aim to protect foreign health workers and offer them more immigration benefits in the US, considering that they have provided valuable service during an unprecedented global crisis, often with no guarantees or protection for their future in North America.

To give a specific example, on Monday, June 7, 2021, four bipartisan senators, including a member of HELP (Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee) reintroduced a bill called the “Conrad State 30 and Physician Access Reauthorization Act”, which would greatly benefit foreign medical professionals and, at the same time, help fill qualified workforce gaps in the health system.

Broadly speaking, this bill proposes to reactivate a program called “Conrad 30”, which would allow eligible foreign physicians to stay in the US even if their residence permit expires, so long as they demonstrate that they work in sectors that currently have medical personnel shortages. Adding to that, one of the Senators involved stated that this program “allows special visas for immigrant doctors to work in medically underserved areas”.

In other words, the bill exempts foreign medical professionals from having to return to their countries before they can apply for another visa in the US. Nevertheless, in order to access this benefit, they must agree to work for at least three years in a medically underserved community, which will surely not be a problem for most of them.

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