Senate may Modify Immigration Guidelines in Spending Bill

Senate leaders could change immigration provisions

Biden’s spending bill now faces the Senate

Following approval by the US House of Representatives, the Senate must now review Biden’s budget package, called the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda.

Since this spending bill is being introduced through the reconciliation process, the Democratic Caucus must be united in the Senate and agree to the proposals included in order to pass it with only 51 votes, avoiding the Republican filibuster.

It is important to explain that Biden’s spending bill still faces a huge political debate, especially when it comes to controversial areas such as immigration and the ideal of offering temporary amnesty to millions of undocumented foreigners.

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Senate leaders could change immigration provisions

Now that Biden’s spending bill faces Senate scrutiny, it is possible that some immigration provisions may change or even be removed depending on the rules of the upper chamber of Congress and in order to keep the Democratic Caucus united, especially now that every vote counts.

This is because the immigration proposals included in Biden’s budget package are quite sweeping and extensive, which could spark a monumental debate among Senate leaders.

In fact, in one of our most recent articles we discussed how Democratic leaders included in the spending bill the largest immigrant documentation program in the US history.

Broadly speaking, Biden proposes to expand the parole power to offer protection from deportation for up to 10 years to approximately 7 million eligible undocumented immigrants, which he believes would stimulate the economy and is therefore a budgetary issue.

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Senate Parliamentarian’s opinion still missing

At this point it is worth mentioning that the Senate Parliamentarian has yet to comment on the parole power proposal, and her opinion could intervene in the Democratic leaders’ plans.

In fact, it is important to remember that the Senate Parliamentarian, who is the policy advisor to this House of Congress, has already rejected the immigration language included by Democratic leaders in the budget package on two occasions.

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