Advocates Call for More Changes on Immigration as Senate Debate Approaches

Advocates call for lasting immigration changes in budget package

Advocates call for lasting immigration changes in budget package

Now that Biden’s budget package must face Senate deliberation, several advocates are calling on Democratic leaders to expand immigration provisions before debate in the upper chamber of Congress.

This request comes after Democratic leaders had to substantially narrow the immigration proposals included in the budget bill due to the intervention of the Senate Parliamentarian, who rejected the immigration language twice.

Currently, the resolution related to irregular migration states that, through the budget package, Biden will expand the parole power to grant protection from deportation to eligible undocumented immigrants for up to 10 years.

Immigrant rights advocates and several activist groups state that current immigration provisions are not enough and do not create lasting changes for essential undocumented workers, who are now a mainstay of the national economy.

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Immigration provisions don’t compare to initials

The reason why immigrant rights advocates are raising their voices and asking to modify the immigration provisions prior to the Senate’s intervention is because Democratic leaders had proposed much broader courses of action when the spending bill was first introduced.

In fact, the primary goal regarding the immigration sector was initially to provide a path to citizenship for foreign nationals currently residing in the US undocumented, a number that hovers around 11 million.

Naturally and predictably, the Senate Parliamentarian rejected this immigration language, stating that opening a path to citizenship was not entirely a budgetary issue and therefore should not be included in the spending bill.

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