Advocates: Immigration Resolution in Budget Package is Not Enough

Immigration provisions are not enough for advocates

Immigration provisions in the budget package

Democratic leaders are pushing the US House of Representatives to pass Biden’s spending bill, which, among many other things, includes a number of important immigration provisions.

In fact, the Biden administration is trying to promote the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades through the reconciliation process, which would allow the Democratic caucus in the Senate to pass the budget package while avoiding the Republican filibuster.

One of the most important immigration proposals included in the spending bill is to expand the parole power to allow immigrants who have resided in the US undocumented since or before 2011 to obtain temporary protection from deportation (up to 10 years).

However, this proposal, along with other immigration plans, have faced a gigantic barrier in Congress, mainly because it is not a purely economic or budgetary issue, but also an essential part of local immigration policies.

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Immigration provisions are not enough for advocates

Although Democratic leaders have recently modified the immigration provisions within the budget package to include those that are allowed by law, immigrant rights advocates state that it is not enough.

This is because, since the beginning of the year, both the Biden administration and Democratic leaders have fervently promoted a path to citizenship for immigrants residing in the US undocumented, which would offer a permanent solution to millions of essential foreign workers.

They openly state that Democrats can get better immigration deals than a temporary 5-year amnesty with the possibility of extension, which would leave undocumented foreign workers in limbo in a decade again.

Therefore, they state that even if the House and Senate pass the spending bill, the Biden administration will still have to enact other lasting changes to the immigration system.

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Biden’s initial plans

It is important to explain that the push by immigrant rights advocates and activist groups is not happening out of nowhere or without reason, but is strongly related to President Biden’s promises during his political campaign.

Broadly speaking, the Biden administration promised to improve, optimize and expedite existing immigration processes, expand legal migration routes, open a path to permanent legalization to protect eligible undocumented immigrants from deportation, inter alia.

Thus, immigrant rights advocates are now simply calling on his administration to deliver on its promises regarding the immigration sector.

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