Former Official: Title 42 was Never Necessary

Former CDC official declares Title 42 ineffective

Former CDC official declares Title 42 ineffective

On Friday, November 12, a former CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) official stated that using Title 42 to deport immigrants never worked as an effective method to mitigate the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

To understand the issue at hand, it is important to explain that, since early 2020, the Trump administration made use of Title 42, which is part of the US Code and allows certain entities to implement unconventional methods in light of a health emergency.

At the time, the Trump administration used the CDC’s support to expel immigrants apprehended in the border territory through Title 42, stating that the massive influx of immigrants could worsen the health crisis nationwide.

However, according to the former CDC official’s opinion, “The bulk of the evidence at that time did not support this policy proposal”, and thus using Title 42 to expel immigrants has never been an effective resource.

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Title 42 as a tool to expel immigrants

The Trump administration always intended to reduce legal immigration levels and curb irregular migration at all costs. In fact, its border policies and rules have always tended to be rather strict and restrictive.

Thus, dozens of immigrant rights advocates and activist groups openly state that the Trump administration used Title 42 to carry out so-called “express deportations” or “expedited removals”, knowing that deporting undocumented immigrants en masse would not reduce the health risk in the US, but would affect vulnerable territories.

Now that the former CDC official is debunking the premise that Title 42 protected the borders from Coronavirus, the fact that the Trump administration possibly had other goals in using this statute is in evidence.

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The Biden administration has not yet lifted Title 42

Despite the fact that the US borders opened on November 8 for travelers fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the Biden administration has not yet lifted Title 42.

This fact clearly generates uncertainty among immigrant rights advocates, who state that the Biden administration has kept Title 42 active so as not to address the surge of illegal border crossings and to avoid processing the large number of asylum seekers who are requesting international protection in the US.

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