Religious leaders want to help immigrants

Catholic leaders raise their voice to help immigrants amid a pandemic

The pandemic creates generosity with the immigrant population

Over the past few weeks, different religious and government entities have come together to provide aid to millions of immigrants during the global health crisis.

In fact, several Catholic leaders announced that they will implement different action plans to protect the most vulnerable immigrant population.

They declared that “this pandemic is a public health crisis that makes us reflect on how interconnected our lives are, therefore it is everyone’s job to act quickly and in solidarity.

A 5-strategy plan to protect immigrants

  1. Catholic Leaders call for the release detained immigrants during the pandemic. The religious leaders assure that the majority of the detainees are people who requested asylum or refuge and do not pose any threat to society and therefore can be released.
  2. They want to implement strict measures to prevent mass contagion in immigration detention centers (for adults and minors).
  3. Catholic leaders request tests, treatments, medications and medical assistance for the entire immigrant community during the coronavirus outbreak.
  4. They call for a donation that will go to the public health sector.
  5. Employment, study and food opportunities for the most disadvantaged immigrant families.

In this way, they want to improve the living conditions of millions of immigrants who want to build a more promising future for their families.

The official statement declares: “We call for international solidarity, to promote the economic recovery of the countries of the region, facilitating the human and comprehensive development of the most vulnerable families and communities.

A different perspective

Another reason why social leaders make this request is the disturbing situation of the deportees.

Guatemala currently receives local deportees, however, during the past week, dozens of deported immigrants tested positive on the COVID-19 exam.

This is a giant concern for Latin American territories because they do not have the necessary infrastructure to counter the repercussions of the virus.

Therefore, religious leaders suggest suspending deportations and they want to implement more local strategies to help immigrants residing in the US instead of deporting them.

In fact, they mentioned: “Even before the pandemic, detained immigrants were forced to endure unsafe conditions; now this crisis requires an urgent humanitarian response.”

Multiple immigrant rights advocates thank religious leaders for this humanitarian gesture and state that this is a very important step for the nation and culture of the US.

They say that all these gestures are a door of hope for thousands of vulnerable immigrants who only want progress for their families. For example, they highlight California’s help to undocumented immigrants during the pandemic.

Cooperation seems to be the most accurate solution to overcome the current health crisis. The world is changing very fast and all sectors of society are trying to connect and help the most vulnerable.

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