UN warns the US about possible human rights violations

Trump denies asylum request and the UN opposed to it

Trump’s government decided to curb asylum requests

Since the Coronavirus spread around the world, the governments had to take emergency decisions to protect their territories from the possible massive contagion that threatens public health.

The US is one of the countries most affected by the outbreak of the pandemic, and sanitary emergency measures are very strict right now.

In fact, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) decided to reject any asylum request while the contagion peak decreases and the health crisis subsides.

This means that immigrants who reach the country’s borders without valid documentation of entry or residence are deported almost immediately to one of the Central American countries that have an agreement with the US.

The United Nations Organization (UN) strongly opposed to this measure. They explain that denying a request for asylum or refuge is violating international human rights.

The UN’s arguments

When CDC issued the official statement about the temporary suspension of asylum requests in the country, the United Nations immediately gave its opinion and opposed this measure.

Several UN leaders declare that this measure is arbitrary and violates international human rights laws, which could have negative repercussions for the US in the future.

They have several arguments to counter CDC’s decision.

  • Most immigrants seeking asylum in the US are escaping imminent danger in their countries. They flee from the constant threat and try to save their families.
  • The latest figures show that 80% of immigrants seeking asylum have a history of kidnapping, human trafficking, gangs’ persecution, corruption and/or torture.
  • The UN affirms that everyone has the right to ask for international protection, this is a law that was implemented after the Second World War for the protection of immigrants.
  • Normally, immigrants seeking asylum or refuge in the US are from Latin American countries and sometimes they have no protection from their local governments, therefore, the danger is greater for them.

One of the members of the UN refugee agency stated: “We understand that in the current global Covid-19 public health emergency all governments have an obligation to enact measures to protect the health of their populations. While this may warrant extraordinary measures at borders, expulsion of asylum seekers resulting in refoulement should not be among them.”

It is important that for the US government to cautiously evaluate all emergency health measures to avoid international sanctions.

Furthermore, it is imperative that all immigrants have the right to seek international protection through asylum or refuge.

All communities are going through the same circumstances and we are all experiencing the same health crisis, that’s why the governments of the world must unite and work for the common good of all society.

In times of crisis, mutual collaboration can help us to overcome current mishaps and to continue with the socioeconomic development of the world.

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