California decides to help immigrants

California uses "stimulus checks" to help undocumented people

California helps immigrants, even if they are undocumented

Undocumented immigrants who reside in California and meet certain requirements will be able to use an economic benefit during the COVID-19 crisis.

California is the only state in the country that has decided to help undocumented immigrants who pay their taxes annually.

What is the benefit for immigrants?

In light of the pandemic, the US government decided to give “stimulus checks” to people who need it,  except for undocumented immigrants.

The last time the government had to use these checks was during the great recession of 2008, they are normally used to boost the economy. That means that the Coronavirus has created an economic crisis in the world.

The government sends the “stimulus checks” to each of the states and their respective governors decide how the distribution is implemented and the requirements to apply to this benefit.

California is the only state, so far, that has decided to help thousands of undocumented immigrants residing there.

Why did California make this decision?

California stated that nearly 10% of the state’s workforce is related to undocumented immigrants.

Additionally, the figures show that undocumented immigrants paid taxes of almost $ 2.5 billion in that state during 2019. That is the reason why the Governor decided to help them in time of crisis.

California Governor, Gavin Newson, stated: “We have a deep feeling of gratitude for the people who fear deportation but still address the essential needs of tens of millions of Californians (…) and that is why I am proud as governor to be the first state to announce a direct disaster assistance program to those people.”

The reason why California decided to help undocumented immigrants is because it recognizes the effort they put in trying to maintain their economic lives amid the crisis.

Immigrants are a boost for the economy and have always contributed to the development of the country.

They are normally the workforce of the US and that is something that the state of California wants to recognize.

In addition to that, California takes into account the unemployment crisis in the country and this aid is a temporary relief for the most vulnerable families.

What is the benefit offered by California?

California officially stated that it will use its own “stimulus checks” to help the immigrant population.

The benefits offered to immigrants are the following:

  • Monetary aid for undocumented and/or unemployed immigrants will be a one-time courtesy.
  • The support consists of $500 available per adult.
  • A household can benefit from the total of $ 1000 (even if there are more adults).
  • About 150,000 immigrants will be able to use this government aid.

The criticisms of this decision

The opposition to help undocumented immigrants during the pandemic has been very strong.

Several states raised their voices claiming that it is unfair to help people who do not comply with the law properly and that valuable resources for citizens or legal residents are being cut.

The opponents reiterate that the country is in an economic crisis and all efforts to maintain balance should be directed to legal residents.

However, California believes that in times of crisis the best we can do is to help people  who currently reside in the US and recognize immigrants’ effort.

On the other hand, immigrant rights advocates congratulated the state of California with high praise for the humanitarian gesture towards undocumented immigrants.

In fact, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) stated: “This announcement is a necessary first step in closing the widening gap between immigrants and vital assistance that could mean the difference between life and death for millions of Californians.”

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