Recent Study Shows International Students Still Fear Deportation

Study shows that high school Latino students are going though episodes of anxiety due to fear of deportation

The Trump administration’s ideal regarding immigration

The Trump government has always been characterized by its intention to reduce immigration in general, both legal and illegal. The current president of the US assures that massive legal immigration can be as detrimental to the economic system as illegal immigration.

That is the reason why more than 400 changes have been implemented in the country’s immigration sector in recent years, modifying established processes, lengthening waiting times for foreigners and increasing requirements to apply for a legal permit.

Adding to that, the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic also contributed, so that the current administration of the US could significantly restrict local immigration processes.

The situation of international students during the health crisis

Speaking specifically about education, one of the sectors of our society that benefits greatly from foreigners who come to the country annually and invest in local schools, colleges and universities, has been one of the targets of the Trump administration during the current juncture.

In fact, in early July 2020, representatives of the Trump administration announced that international students had to attend a portion of face-to-face classes during the fall or they could face deportation proceedings.

Dozens of universities, including highly rated and recognized institutions such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), raised their voices against this government order and filed several lawsuits for the Trump administration to reverse it.

After facing multiple criticisms and legal proceedings, the Trump administration decided to revoke this official order in mid-July and international students can now attend purely virtual classes during the fall, while the threat to public health diminishes.

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Despite this decision, foreign students still fear deportation

Foreign students still fear deportation, despite the fact that the Trump administration reversed this order that could have threatened their future in the US.

A recent study by the University of Houston shows that two-thirds of Latino high school students fear deportation.

The survey was conducted in Harris County, Texas, where foreign students express that they fear deportation not only because of the restrictions implemented in the education sector, but because many of them are currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that has been on the tightrope for the past several years.

In addition to that, they also worry about their relatives, who could be deported if they cannot extend their residence permits or if the current government increases restrictions on the immigration sector of the US.

Most worryingly, the study showed that the majority of the Latino students are going through episodes of anxiety, depression, stress, and other health conditions due to the constant concern of deportation.

It is important to clarify that most international students normally become highly qualified professionals, who will contribute to the socio-economic development of the US and are essential to overcome the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Know the options for your immigration case

It is imperative to understand that the US immigration system offers a wide range of alternatives available to foreigners.

It means that, if your residence permit is about to expire or if you want to come to the country for the first time, it is very possible that you have several options to migrate legally.

One of the most important aspects of filing an immigration application is choosing the right process to avoid possible rejection.

In addition to that, because some processes are quite similar, it is best to seek reliable help from experts who are up to date with current immigration policies and who can guide you towards the success of your application.

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