Public defenders raise their voices after the presidential elections

The constant battle between activists and the Trump administration

For the past four years, the battle between immigrant rights advocates and the Trump administration has been endless. The current president and his cabinet have tried, by all possible means, to restrict immigration and hinder processes available for foreigners to come to the US. With this, we refer to all kinds of processes, from humanitarian programs to request international protection, to employment-based visas, options to migrate as a family and programs for international students.

Dozens of organizations and activist groups have filed multiple legal complaints against the Trump administration and its restrictive immigration policies, arguing that:

  1. Immigration is necessary to boost the economy amid the health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic.
  2. The Trump administration abused power and violated the human rights of the most vulnerable immigrant communities through “draconian, arbitrary and capricious policies.”
  3. President Trump used the sanitary emergency as an excuse to comply with his immigration plans and restrict the entry of foreigners to the US.
  4. Current border policies and mass deportations put the lives of innocent people at risk. We refer to people in need of international assistance such as asylum seekers, unaccompanied immigrant minors and immigrant families.
  5. The Trump administration has tried to remove programs that are extremely beneficial to vulnerable communities. That is the case of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a program that offers protection to young immigrants and TPS (Temporary Protected Status), a program that protects immigrants from several countries, which are experiencing epidemics, natural disasters and other precarious situations.

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Public defenders raise their voices after the presidential elections

Despite President Trump seeking reelection in November 2020, the American population elected Joe Biden (Democratic political party) as the nation’s next leader, who plans to restructure the immigration system and lift Trump’s restrictions.

Since the incoming administration is diametrically opposed to Trump when it comes to immigration and wants to expand benefits and alternatives for immigrant communities, from asylum seekers to highly skilled foreign workers, dozens of activist groups and immigrant rights advocates have raised their voices, calling on the Biden administration to make immigration a priority.

They state that, given what the Trump administration did with the immigration sector, it is imperative to reform the entire immigration system to prevent future administrations from violating the human rights of vulnerable communities and to protect the values ​​and promise of the US as an immigrant nation.

For instance, on January 13, 2021, just 7 days before Joe Biden takes office, a public defenders coalition released a 10-point plan, detailing steps that the Biden administration should take to improve the immigration system, restructure deportation processes, offer permanent alternatives to the most vulnerable immigrant communities, and remove Trump’s restrictive policies.

They argue that the incoming administration should go beyond simply lifting Trump’s restrictions or returning to the Obama era, but that the president-elect and his cabinet should use the next four years to establish more just, humane, dignified and viable immigration processes.

Please click here to read the statement from the public defenders coalition.

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