Pro-immigrant groups blasted the Biden administration

Pro-immigrant groups blasted the Biden administration

On Friday, October 15, several pro-immigrant groups and service providers that have supported Biden’s political campaign strongly criticized his administration for failing to deliver on immigration promises and, more specifically, for agreeing to reinstate the MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols) policy.

This policy, which was initially implemented by Trump in 2019 and is also called “Remain in Mexico”, basically states that asylum seekers, as the name implies, must remain in Mexican territory until they legitimately receive political asylum status.

The Trump administration, when implementing this rule, explained that asylum seekers allegedly take advantage of long waiting times to reside and work in the US knowing that their immigration cases will be rejected.

Therefore, the former president and his team proposed the MPP policy to make sure that asylum seekers entering the country are only those whose cases have been legitimately approved by an immigration judge.

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Why is the Biden administration about to reinstate the MPP policy?

The Biden administration took several steps to rescind this policy, which was one of its priorities related to the immigration system:

  • On January 21, one day after Biden took office, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) suspended new enrollments in the MPP program.
  • On February 12, the Biden administration proposed a resettlement plan for asylum seekers affected by the MPP policy, as long as they met certain eligibility requirements.
  • DHS rescinded the MPP policy by memorandum on June 1.

However, the Biden administration’s plans regarding the MPP policy are currently not working as planned:

  • On August 13, a Trump-appointed judge ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the MPP policy, stating that it failed to follow the necessary steps to properly and lawfully end it.
  • On August 24, the Supreme Court upheld the judge’s decision regarding the reimplementation of the MPP policy.
  • Following these events, the Biden administration announced that it would reinstate this immigration program in November, but would seek other means to permanently rescind it.

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Why are pro-immigrant groups criticizing the Biden administration over the MPP?

Pro-immigrant groups state that by accepting the reinstatement of the MPP policy, the Biden administration is leaving in limbo the most vulnerable immigrant communities such as asylum seekers, who must live in truly precarious conditions in Mexico due to a lack of basic resources.

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