Several entities file a lawsuit against work visa restrictions

Current restrictions in the immigration sector

The global Coronavirus pandemic brought many changes to our daily lives and to most of the main sectors of our society.

For instance, the immigration sector in the US has been one of the most affected by the massive outbreak of COVID-19 in the North American territory.

The current government, headed by President Donald Trump, implemented multiple emergency measures that restrict legal immigration in the country.

In the latest presidential proclamation, called “Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak”, the Trump administration suspended the issuance of most work visas.

In this way, the government intends to protect available jobs for the local population and thus be able to decrease the current unemployment rate.

These restrictions on work visas, which are normally offered to qualified foreigners, have generated a huge controversy in the US.

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The Trump administration faces new lawsuit over restrictions on work visas

On July 21, 2020, multiple recognized entities filed a lawsuit against the current restrictions on work visas.

The entities involved in the lawsuit are:

  1. National Association of Manufacturers.
  2. The United States Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Technet.
  4. Intrax INC.
  5. National Retail Federation.

The lawsuit is specifically directed at:

  1. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  2. The US Department of State (DOS).
  3. Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo.
  4. Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf.

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The main arguments of the lawsuit

The plaintiffs declare that the latest presidential proclamation is unlawful. They claim that the local market is being tremendously affected by restrictions on work visas, mainly because there are sectors where there are no local personnel properly trained to fill the jobs and foreign workforce is essential.

They ensure that the US’ is constantly recognized for its technological development, but this is connected to the fact that the country has the best-trained foreigners and multicultural innovators.

In fact, the lawsuit states: “Over the past century, the United States has benefited immensely from courageous individuals who have left their homes, accepting an invitation to travel to America for temporary work. These individuals’ talents, experience, and special skills have propelled their employers’ growth—and enriched their broader communities.”

Therefore, the lawsuit seeks that the Trump administration thoroughly analyze these current restrictions and revoke this measures to help:

  1. Local companies that benefit from foreign workforce.
  2. Allow innovative foreigners to bring entrepreneurship projects to the US and boost the economy.
  3. Bring specialized workforce to be able to overcome the current economic crisis.

In addition to that, these entities ensure that specialized foreign workers also help increase job opportunities for American citizens.

Foreigners are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and for creating small and medium-sized companies that offer stable job positions and wages for the local population.

In fact, the lawsuit states: “That is why the United States has long embraced skilled immigration programs: They advantage all participants in the economy”.

Foreign workers will seek other opportunities

One of the most important sections of the lawsuit refers to the fact that if the US government continues to build barriers for specialized workers, thousands of skilled foreigners will seek opportunities in other countries that indeed appreciate their quality of work.

Therefore, the country could lose the image it has regarding innovation, technology, research and infrastructure. These foreigners will go elsewhere to offer their talents, and this could be very damaging to the US.

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