NC Farm Bureau President Comments on DACA

NC Farm Bureau President asks for protection for DACA recipients

The endless controversy surrounding the DACA program

The fight between the Trump administration and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been constant during the past few years and seems endless due to the great controversy it generates among the American population.

Giving an overview, the DACA program protects young immigrants from deportation for two years, with the possibility of extension. This community is commonly known as “Dreamers”, and refers to immigrants who crossed the borders of the US without prior authorization when they were minors.

Knowing that, it is important to explain that the current administration, led by President Donald Trump, is in complete disagreement with this program offered to undocumented immigrants. The Trump administration declares that people crossing the country’s borders unlawfully should not have the opportunity to obtain a legal residence permit.

That is why DACA has been on the tightrope several times over the past two years. However, hundreds of immigrant rights advocates also have a strong stance on this program and have not allowed the Trump government to eradicate it.

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The DACA trajectory

In June 2020, the US Supreme Court of Justice intervened in the DACA case and decided to protect almost 700,000 young immigrants currently covered by this program, rejecting the Trump administration’s request to remove it from benefits offered to immigrants.

After the Supreme Court verdict, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was supposed to receive new DACA applications.

However, the Trump administration recently announced two new measures for this program. On the one hand, the USCIS is currently not receiving new DACA applications. On the other hand, Dreamers may now renew the permit only for one year instead of two.

As expected, this governmental decision unleashed a gigantic social controversy, mainly because the Trump administration is not fully complying with the order of the Supreme Court.

NC Farm Bureau President gives his opinion regarding DACA

The president of the NC Farm Bureau, Shawn Harding, gave his opinion on DACA, arguing that improving the local immigration system could offer different alternatives for people who have resided and worked for years in the US.

Harding says NC constantly receives the unconditional support of more than 24,000 DACA recipients who reside there. In fact, he declares that “Dreamers are people who grew up in America, and if they are now adults who are working and paying taxes, why should we send them to a country that is completely foreign to them?”

The Trump administration has yet to respond to the multiple criticisms it has received due to changes implemented in DACA after the Supreme Court verdict. The only thing the current administration has stated is that it is currently analyzing the Court’s verdict in order to fully comply with its mandate.

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