Mexico Receives Deportees and then Sends them to Guatemala

Mexico is sending migrants to Guatemala

Mexico is sending migrants to Guatemala

There is currently a growing dissatisfaction among the American population related to the most alarming surge of illegal border crossings in decades. In the midst of this border situation, the Biden administration is feeling pressure from all corners and is trying to improve the situation using all the resources and tools at its disposal.

A couple of weeks ago, the Biden administration unveiled a new immigration blueprint, which also includes a series of guidelines to curb irregular migration and increase deportations to foresee a humanitarian and migratory crisis within the US, also considering that the health risk related to the global Coronavirus pandemic is still present.

Naturally, one of the countries most affected by mass deportations in the midst of the health crisis is Mexico, which receives hundreds of thousands of migrants deported from the US while it is also trying to reduce the impact of this situation on its own territory.

However, Mexico does not have enough resources to balance the surge of illegal border crossings. Thus, over the past few days, a huge controversy has erupted as Mexican authorities are sending migrants deported from the US to a remote border area in Guatemala, drawing the attention of immigrant rights advocates and humanitarian organizations.

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