Mexico diverted social funds in 2019 to reduce illegal immigration in the US

Agreements between Mexico and the US

Since President Trump launched his political campaign to win the 2016 election, he has always focused on the US immigration sector. The Trump administration has a strict stance when it comes to massive legal immigration and illegal immigration, mainly from Central America.

That is why President Trump has tried by all means to reduce the number of immigrants entering the country annually. That purpose has led him to create agreements with neighboring countries that are willing to help the local government to reduce immigration, especially illegal.

Mexico is one of the countries that has immigration agreements with the current administration of the US. For instance, during 2019, the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) was established, which states that asylum seekers must remain in Mexico while their applications are resolved. In fact, this policy is also known as “Remain in Mexico”.

It means that Mexico has been hosting thousands of asylum seekers since 2019, including immigrants who are not from that nation.

Threats from the Trump administration

It is important to remember that the Trump administration has repeatedly threatened countries that refuse to receive deportation flights from the US during the health crisis or to cooperate to reduce immigration from Central America.

President Trump has threatened to:

  • Increase trade tariffs (especially with Mexico).
  • Delay visa processes.
  • Increase migratory restrictions for Central America.

On the other hand, the current administration of the US has also promised monetary support to countries that contribute to its cause, so that they can invest in infrastructure, education, social security, health system, inter alia.

These are the main reasons why Mexico decided to accede to almost all the proposals of the Trump administration for the immigration sector.

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Mexico diverted funds to reduce illegal immigration in the US

During 2019, apart from allowing the implementation of the MPP, the Mexican government diverted funds, that were destined for socioeconomic development of Central America, to reduce the number of immigrants traveling to the US.

According to a recent official report, Mexico diverted more than $4 million to transfer immigrants who were returned from the US to the south of the country, to prevent them from trying to cross the borders without legal documentation again.

This money belonged to the Mexico Fund, which normally has the purpose of helping Central America and the Caribbean improve the quality of life for their citizens.

Mexico diverted these funds due to pressure and threats from the Trump administration and later committed to the ideal of improving the North American migration situation.

The Mexico Fund has been substantially redesigned since 2019 and a portion is now directed to the Central American migratory sector.

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