Thousands of Asylum Seekers still remain in Mexico

Did the government forget about asylum seekers?

Immigrants who yearn to apply for political asylum in the US are currently going through quite difficult circumstances. It is natural that the Trump administration is focusing its attention on mitigating the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic and restoring economic balance despite the current unemployment rate.

However, there are thousands of immigrants residing in temporary shelters in Mexico while waiting for the opportunity to apply for political asylum and, in the opinion of dozens of activists, the current administration of the US cannot forget about them.

To better understand the current situation of asylum seekers, we need to know about immigration policies implemented by the Trump administration in recent years.

In early 2019, the governments of the US and Mexico signed an agreement named the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), commonly known as “Remain in Mexico”.

This policy basically states that asylum seekers can no longer reside in the US while awaiting the response to their immigration cases. Instead, they must remain in Mexico until their cases are resolved.

It is also important to mention some of the reasons why immigrants request political asylum.

They are usually trying to flee from:

  • Persecution either because of their race, religion, political ideals, sexual orientation, inter alia.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Kidnapping or confrontation with gangs.
  • Abuse, both physical and psychological.

Due to the conditions in which they live, it is evident that they flee in fear and seek international protection through programs such as political asylum or refuge. They normally do not have personal possessions or financial solvency.

That is why they currently live in temporary shelters or foundations, and survive thanks to the donations of immigrant rights advocates, neighboring communities, religious organizations and groups of activists, who constantly watch over their well-being.

Hearings have already resumed

After the political asylum hearings were suspended by the Trump administration during the massive Coronavirus outbreak, they have already resumed and asylum officers are expected to speed up processes in order to help thousands of people who are currently under the MPP policy.

In fact, in one of our most recent articles, we talk about the hiring of 100 immigration judges who began their duties in Texas in late August, 2020. Their support may help to speed up political asylum processes.

However, despite this news, asylum seekers still feel hopeless knowing that they must reside in these temporary shelters, on many occasions for more than a year.

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