July Border Apprehension Rates

July: Border apprehension rates continue to rise

July: Border apprehension rates continue to rise

The surge of illegal border crossings continues to be a major issue among the American population after more than 7 consecutive months. This is because the numbers of border encounters, instead of declining as they usually do after a couple of months of high rates, have increased exponentially, surpassing the numbers of recent decades.

CBP (Customs and Border Protection), one of the entities in charge of enforcing immigration law, recently released the July 2021 border apprehension rates and they continue to be quite alarming. The number of undocumented immigrants apprehended in the border territory during that month exceeded 212,000, the highest monthly figure in decades.

Let’s look at some important facts:

  • Border forces apprehended 110,443 single adults in July, a 6.16% decrease from June.
  • When it comes to family units, border forces apprehended 82,966 immigrant families in July, a 48.58% increase compared to June.
  • Speaking specifically about unaccompanied immigrant minors, border forces reported 18,962 encounters, an increase of 24.47% compared to June.

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Conclusions: July border apprehension rates

Doing a thorough analysis about the border apprehension rates for the past few months, there are several main conclusions that come to light. For instance:

  • From March through June, we had seen a substantial increase in the number of single adults apprehended in the border territory, of which many were re-entries, that is, immigrants who were previously deported and tried to cross the borders without documentation again. However, this trend changed from June to July as the number of border encounters with single adults decreased.
  • Also since March, the number of family units apprehended at the borders had declined significantly and had increased by only slightly more than 3% in June, but the July figure is actually exorbitant.
  • For the past several months, border forces had reported a decline in encounters with unaccompanied minors, but the situation changed in July.

Now, the Biden administration faces a gigantic challenge regarding the border situation and must act cautiously to protect the local population while providing international assistance to immigrants who need it most.

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